Have Cheetah,Will View #427 – “Raiders of the Hidden Donald Trump Fetish Doll” (2018)

Its 4:37 pm

Its  been an insane week here on the blog as we have been swamped with interviews and films left and right. Coming down with a sore throat this week hasn’t dampened our spirits as the cheetah and I watch the ineptness of Donald Trump dealing with a national emergency. This ass makes Leslie Nielsen’s president look like a stable genius and we’re thinking of actually digging Frank Drebin up just to run him against Trump. (Yes,we know Drebin was a cop but does that really matter?)
With this in mind,it was perfect timing that we got a email from writer-director Angel Connell who has sent a twisty but very funny short film concerning Herr Trump.

(Photo credit: Chris Esper. All images copyrighted by Parousian Pictures. Images used with permission)

When a film maker (Connell) attempts to raise funds for his new film,one of the perks that a donor can get is a fetish doll of Donald Trump. Instead of simply doing this,various different groups approach the film maker and attempt to force him to give them fetish doll. But as anyone who have ever attempted to raise cash for a project,just giving away a potential perk,well…….that is crazy talk. How will our indie film maker handle the Russians,the North Koreans and the Hillary Clintons who want that Trump fetish doll?
DT3Photo credit: Chris Esper.

We found “Raiders of the Hidden Donald Trump Fetish Doll” to be quite funny. Connell does a nice job in both having fun with his fetish doll and all the crazies who want it while also pointing out how hard it can be for indie film makers to raise the funding for films. Crowd sourcing has become very popular in the past 10-12 years but with so many artists out there looking for help,the caliber of perks that they have to offer often have to be pretty worthy. I have a feeling that many people have attempted to low ball their donations in order to get a sweet prize and Angel has gone through this.
DT4Photo credit: Chris Esper.

RDTFD looks fine,it has a single room location and Connell does a great voice over in describing what the viewer is about to witness. I found the idea of doing a 9 minute short film to explain that Angel was trying to raise funds for a 15 minute short to be ironic and very funny.
Angel’s cast did fine and seem to be having a great time during the shoot. Chris Esper’s camera work is fine and kudos to Angel and Chris for filming RDTFD in black & white and giving it a Cold War spy film vibe,it was a nice touch.
The fetish doll looks great and got us to actually wonder if Angel is really going to offer it as a perk for a real crowdsourcing campaign….I think he might be surprised at what he could get for it.

The cheetah and I both enjoyed this short film and we give it a thumbs/paw straight up.
Somewhere,I think Karen Black is smiling……

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