Three Days in a supermarket (A Coronavirus-19 tale)

Its 1:33 am

So I have been sitting here watching Covid-19 unfold around the world. Watching in amazement at all the panic and unsureness of my fellow citizens and neighbors. My brother and I have talking about how crazy it is to watch prople buy up toilet paper like there is no tomorrow. I told him that I was going to get my haircut and I would tell him what I saw when I got home.
Well for starters,there was no one at the Great Clips where I get my haircut. The store only had two stylists on duty and so I was able to get my first haircut since August,yeah,I know….I told my brother I looked like the Unabomber before I got it all hacked off.
I think the stylist took a little longer then usual before she wanted someone to chat with,there had been very little business that week. Looking somewhat human,I snagged a cart and headed down the backside of the store and towards the grocery section. As expected,it was decently busy and sure enough ALL the toilet paper was gone. The only thing left were about 5-6 packages of paper towels.
Now here is a secret,during the great recession,Lori and I had just bought our house here in 2006. It had a built in pantry in the basement but it needed repair. A buddy of mine,Scuba Steve and I tore down and rebuilt the shelving,making it much stronger.
Lori and I bought a small deep freezer and started stocking the pantry and one of the first things we stocked up on was toilet paper because it is so expensive,even back then.
Whenever we saw TP on sale,we would combine that with a coupon and buy it. Even after Lori passed away in 2013,I have still kept up the practice when I can. Males are actually pretty lucky when it comes to TP,a little can go a long way…..
Back to the store,after noting the toilet paper wiped out,I went on ahead and did a bit of shopping. The store was pounded,I mean it still had stock but the baking section was crushed,I was lucky to have found a loaf of bread,soups were all gone as was toona fish.
The folks shopping were all mellow,no one was panicking and folks were helping each out. The carts weren’t overloaded and the vibe was a normal shopping day. The lines weren’t bad and I was about to get in and out a quick manner. I didn’t buy very much and with that done,I headed home. This was Saturday.

That night Gov. Gretchen Whitmer did a press conference at 11:15 pm and announced several movement restrictions,they everyone was to shelter in place for up to three weeks…yikes,I didn’t that would hit us so quick. So I knew I had to go back and lay in a few more items and I was dreading that. I went back to the store Sunday afternoon, Wow,it was worse then a mere 24 hours earlier in terms of stock. The poor grocery workers were trying their best to put food on the shelves but it was being snatched up before they even had a chance. The crowd was still calm but you could feel the tension now where as Saturday you didn’t. Again,I just got some basics,soup and tuna had come in and so I got that and other items. I looked for water but that was all gone as well. I generally use tap water anyways so no biggie. The lines were much larger and the staffing was pretty wicked. One lady tried to cut in front of me and maybe on another day,I would have been cool with that but with 8-9 people behind me with full carts,I was going to play it safe and say “no” when another shopper saved me the trouble and told her “No cuts,the end of the line is there”. I felt a little bad but again,it was safer to play nice with everyone,no one wants to be on YouTube fighting over some bullshit.
Monday comes by and now I’m hearing whole cities are going on lockdown with businesses being forced to close and people being told not to travel unless they really need to….holy crap. My brother calls and for the first time,I’m a nervous because I didn’t plan smartly,I needed to get Paladin a bag of food so once again I head out on Monday night.
The store is very empty of people and stock….there is no meat,still no bread and baking items,its all pounded. I get Paladin’s catfood,two bags of treats and a can of wetfood and get outta Dodge. We’re looking good here and ready for a long haul if need be.
I did make one out and about run to the video store to exchange a film,I was wondering if they would be closed but I had a feeling they would be open and rather busy. I heard they were SWAMPED on Saturday and it was getting busy when I got there. The one constant thing I am noticing in my neck of the woods is how calm people are. No one is acting stupid except in Detroit but hey,it’s Detroit….no pandemic is going to stop the brothas from peeling caps into each other,ya know what I’m sayin’?
But overall our Covid-19 adventure hasn’t been so bad. I touched base with my loved ones,started reading a Clive Cussler novel and am working on a whole new slew of interviews which I’ll be dropping soon.

How about you? How are you handling this pandemic? We suggest if you’re cooped up,go and explore the blog,we have well over 400 reviews,some poems,cat and cheetah stories and other stuff to read….

3 thoughts on “Three Days in a supermarket (A Coronavirus-19 tale)

  1. My experience is about the same. I scored bathroom tissue 20 minutes after my local store opened. Now the store is allowing seniors only the first hour. That part is good, but when I was allowed in an hour later, most needed items were gone.

    A senior at another store told the tale of jammed up parking and a line of seniors waiting to get in. Another good idea has gone awry.

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  2. Hi, Michael.
    It’s been a crazy week. My company has been getting people set up to work from home little by little, and now we’re all there! I did my first full 8 hours yesterday in the bedroom and, man, was it WEIRD. I feel very, very lucky, though, to have a job that can translate to home and isn’t just ending with me getting laid off.

    God, last Friday the panic started here. I couldn’t even get into Ralphs before work. Later that night AFTER work around 11:00, I was able to get in and grab a few things, but it was like you said–no bread, no TP, no eggs, no potatoes.

    I just remember that scene in Testament after the bombs were dropped and the mother approaches the young son as he waits in a long line to get into the store and replaces him so he can go do whatever else (and get some rest) and people were actually complaining, hey, you can’t take his place, or something completely insane and absurd like that, as if they were “cheating” somehow because she was helping her son out and taking over in line.

    That scene has always stuck with me because I feel like very easily people are/do become that way. I know it’s naive or something to say “We all have to work together” but really, we do, although it doesn’t seem like it’s in our nature to do that.

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    1. We can thank the Russians and the facists in power for this division. I hope you’ll be able to get some supplies. The recession was a game changer with us,I am so glad we built that pantry….but yeah,the sheer amount of hoarding is beyond disgraceful. Every get the feeling the rest of the world sees us as the COVID-19? I do.

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