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Have Cheetah,Will View #428 – “All Of My Heart”(2015)

Its 1:21 pm

The cheetah and I are truly meandering film buffs,I mean we have no real set pattern on how we do our reviews. I have a small “to watch” pile next to my computer of both films that have generously sent to us and films that we have scored on our own and are just waiting to be reviewed.
Waaaay back in our 224th review,we looked at a Hallmark Channel movie called “All of My Heart: Inn Love“,the middle film of a trilogy featuring two of Hallmark Channel’s best and most beloved couples,Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott. I remember us not liking it very much which is unlike us as we generally like everything Hallmark. I made a note to review the first movie because of the disconnect between the first and the second film.
Now over 200 reviews later,the cheetah and I are back to share our thoughts about “All Of My Heart”…..

Aspiring chef Jenny Fintley (Chabert) is having a rough patch in her life,she works for a taskmaster of a head chef for a catering company and her boyfriend Daryl (Greyston Holt) who Jenny thinks is going to ask “the question” but instead tells her he has a new new job that is taking him all over the world and thus leaving their future in serious doubt.

When Jenny gets a phone call from an lawyer who informs her that she inherited a home in Buck County,Pa,she gets very excited. Her excitement is tempered somewhat when she finds out that she is to spilt the property with Brian Howell (Elliott),a hotshot Wall Street broker. Brian wants to sell the house outright but Jenny sees it a new beginning and doesn’t want to sell,she offers to buy Brian’s half and he agrees after seeing how badly run down the house is.
Jenny soon meets her neighbor Alice who knew Jenny’s aunt Emily,the relative who left the house behind. She then meets Casey (Heather Doerksen) who manages the local coffee place who agrees to buy Jenny’s homemade baked goods. Jenny tells both ladies her plan is to turn the house into a Bed and Breakfast.
One night Jenny is awaken by noises from downstairs,she creeps down only to find its Brian who is letting himself in,he has gotten fired from a bad deal his boss has made and needs a place to stay.

Jenny at first refuses but then agrees as Brian says he’ll be gone as soon as he finds another job. Soon the two decide to work together to get the house repaired as its in pretty bad shape. After meeting the local handyman Tommy (Daniel Cudmore) who says the plumbing repairs will cost 5,000 bucks and also not getting any job offers,Brian decides to tackle the repairs himself and learns that Tommy also owns the general store in town.  He helps Brian as much as he is able.
The usual bumps come in the form of Daryl trying to win Jenny back while Brian and Jenny start to develop feelings for each other. After a romantic moment,it seems that Jenny and Brian are headed for a happy ending but when Daryl goes for a Hail Mary the same day Brian’s friend Harry offers him a job offer,things go a little off course…..


After rewatching “All Of My Heart” and “All Of My Heart: Inn Love”,I finally figured out why the first movie was so much better…..Peter DeLuise directed the first movie and that was the film’s secret. DeLuise must have watched Lacey and Brennan’s earlier work because he trusted in their chemistry,while Jenny and Brian were indeed new characters,the onscreen chemsitry between the two leads was there in the very first scene they shared.

In the second film,like I pointed out,the characters were completely out of whack,Jenny is in fact the stronger of the two in the first film. She is goal oriented,self-confident and fiscally wise. She had managed to do a lot of the cosmetic repairs on her own without anyone’s help.  DeLuise’s direction establishes Jenny as a more then capable young woman.
I liked the fact that Brian was deconstructed,writer Karen Berger’s script did a nice job but went a tad too far. Brian is a smart guy,you don’t survive 8 years on Wall Street without being smart. Now while I agree that he may not know his way around a tool box,I didn’t buy he only had 2,600.00 saved up,he would have had a LOT more as a broker. He also would have had a lot more connections,LinkedIn is made for guys like Brian,I think he could have lasted 2-3 months in New York City before being forced back to Jenny. What I really liked about Brennan’s portraying Brian was that Brian was fearless and he wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty,I think this is why Jenny becomes attracted to him. He goes from city slicker to country living but it isn’t a easy road for him.

I really enjoyed the supporting cast as well…..we absolutely adore Heather Doerksen so much and we thought her Casey and Cudmore’s Tommy would have made a smart match. I was so bummed to see that didn’t happen. I’m still waiting to see Heather and Crystal Lowe actually get to be the romantic leads in these type of films.

So while I didn’t care for “All Inn”,I did enjoy “All Of My Heart” and thought it was very charming. It has a run time of 87 minutes and is okay for everyone to watch.

The cheetah and I will be back with the final film of the trilogy and it won’t take us 204 reviews before we do,or so we hope!!


What is your favorite Hallmark Channel film? Leave a comment below!!

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