8 Questions with……… Dr. Discord of “A Necessary Evil” Podcast

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Welcome to “8 Questions with…..”

  I have been Twitter friends with our next guest,Dr. Evil for a quite a while now. Oh,did I say “Dr. Evil”,I meant Dr. Discord….seems that Dr. Evil went to a convention and discovered that a lot of copy cats had taken his name. Instead of unleashing his minions and hiring the cheetah to reclaim his title,he simply changed his name to Dr. Discord.
A few months ago,the cheetah and I were guests on Dr. Discord podcast,”A Necessary Evil” and had a great time. In fact I loved it so much that I tapped into my former life and started to book a few folks on his show,I’m hoping to one day become a minion.
  Kenny’s family is his pride and joy,whenever he mentions them,you can feel the love and devotion he has for them all. In fact his wife has been known to plan some good evil doings in her own right. Just think of them as the anti-Incredibles with a lot less monologuing.
  The one thing I really love about Kenny is that he stays in character,he really is Dr. Discord and having discussions with him is quite a hoot. He is a very generous host,a hell of a editor and smart as a whip. His podcast is gaining some serious steam in terms of listenership and guests,during this COVID-19 lockdown,the cheetah and I urge you to check the good Doctor and learn to embrace your inner evil….links down below.
But for now,lets go quiet as Dr. Discord answers his 8 Questions…….





Please introduce yourself and tell us a little of your background.

  Hello, I’m Kenny Ketchens, although most people probably know me as my villainous alter ego , Dr. Discord.
 I’m a proud father of 5 minions ranging in age from 24 down to 6. I’m a Data Analyst/RPA Developer for a 3rd party logistics company during the day and at night I educate the world on the finer points of being a villain.

 What was growing up in your home like? What are your three favorite memories growing up?

   Growing up we moved around a lot. I remember really enjoying how freeing it felt to be young and knowing ahead of time you’d be moving again soon. It really changes your perspective on things. I’d have to say all of my favorite memories growing up involve my father, whether it was helping him work on cars, or watching him make things from wood. It seemed like there wasn’t anything he didn’t know how to do and it inspired me to learn all I could and try to replicate that for my children. He always told me growing up to learn to do as much for yourself as possible. We’re human, specialization is for insects.

 How old were you when you became a fanboy and what were your three favorite comic books to collect and why?

  I was in my early teens when I got ahold of my first Comic, Green Lantern. I was hooked from then on. What could be more awesome than a power that would let you manifest whatever you could imagine into reality! Hal Jordan is the epitome of a hero in my eyes. Green Lantern led me to the Justice League which led me to Batman and by far the best assortment of villains in any fandom.
I could really empathize with the likes of Joker, Penguin, and Riddler. They were just ordinary people that life happened to and made choices and stuck to their decisions. It really stuck with me that odds were that I could more easily become the Riddler than a member of the Green Lantern Corp.


 Why is evil necessary in today’s world?

   As cliche as it is to say, evil serves as a means to highlight the good. If nothing bad ever happened to you, would you ever really realize how good you had it? We need those lows to appreciate the highs, dark to notice the light, and so on. Our perception in general is based on comparing things to other things. So in a sense we’ll always need evil.

 Who are your three most iconic villains ever?

The Joker especially the Heath Ledger Version of The Joker in the Dark Knight. Such a powerful and Iconic Character.

Dolores Umbridge From Harry Potter, I think we all know someone similar in our own lives who lets the power they have go to the head.

Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men. Having your fate decided on a coin flip is such a terrifying concept for me. No chance for bartering or pleading, just chance.


How did you get into podcasting?

   Great question!!! Minion #5 my 9 year old wanted to be a youtuber. So being the supportive father I set up a channel and showed him how to make videos. It was his idea so I wanted him to be in control. I didn’t want to do it for him. He quickly decided it was too much work to make the kind of videos he enjoyed watching.
As we were driving in the car I was listening to a podcast and he remarked that we could do that instead. He said it had to be easier since it was just sound and I probably already had stuff for it from being a musician in my younger days. He came up with the idea that we would talk about bad guys. They were an underrepresented group in his opinion.
The first iteration of the show we mainly talked origin stories, powers cool story arcs of comic book villains and then it gradually turned into what it is today a resource for creative people to flesh out their villains more and a way for people to embrace that villainous side that we all have.


 What do you look for in a topic or in a guest besides their being somewhat evil?

  I mainly look for an opportunity to explore something from a different perspective. One of my favorite episodes started on the premise of common themes of the supernatural in pop music and ended up in discussion of why vampires are mostly portrayed as sexy and not werewolves or other supernatural creatures. Often I have writers come on and give their advice on handling antagonists and I get to learn something at the same time the listeners do. It’s just about having fun and maybe learning something new at the end of the day.

 What three guests have impressed you the most and why?

   I am in awe of the prowess that Jabe Stafford has when it comes to writing villains. He has the best tips and tricks to getting the most out of your villains.Danny Decellis came on the show to talk about Villains in Medieval Literature, I was expecting monsters like Grendel and such but I was surprised to find out it was more long the lines of people with low morals. Cowards, traitors and the like. Ami Mercury is another favorite, She came on to talk about morals in relation to professions. I learned a lot from her. They were all wonderful to talk with and I hope they came back on the show again at some point.


 Can you walk us through on what goes into making a episode of your show,the nuts and bolts of it?

  For the majority it’s as simple as sitting in my chair, hitting record and rambling. Then cutting out bits that veer off and don’t go anywhere or that don’t fit the topic. Some have some research like I did an episode on villain trends in movies of the last 50 years. So I had to look up data from a lot of movies and compile the data and see what trends began to emerge. For interviews I try to just keep it casual and informal, more conversational than just Q&A and I feel it serves me well. It’s a lot of just winging it. I like to fly by the seat of my pants and see where I end up.


How do you define “evil”?

   Evil is quite a subjective term and the standard definition of being amoral doesn’t help much either. From my perspective evil is selfish. Doing things for yourself. Looking at things from this perspective shines an entirely different light on lots of things.
People giving to charity just to boast about it on Social Media, Evil. Youtubers adopting disabled pets for likes and subscriptions, EVIL. Setting your kid down in front of a tablet so you can get things done or peace and quiet, EEEVVVVIIILLLL!

 If you could interview anyone,fiction or non-fiction…who would they be and why?

   Jensen Ackles because my wife absolutely adores him and I’d let her listen while I was recording but cut her mic so she couldn’t talk so i could gloat about interviewing him forever! How’s that for evil!

 The cheetah and I are flying over to watch your latest film but we are a day early and now you are playing tour guide,what are we doing? 

First, We are hitting the Amish Deli and getting fresh Sasparillas,  then we are heading to Gettysburg and taking a quick tour of the battleground. Perhaps even a Ghost Tour if you’re up for it. As the sun sets it’s dinner time at the Copper Kettle if your in the mood for something fancy or the Flamingo if you’re in the mood for a burger.


I like to thank Kenny for taking time off his plans to conquer the world and talking with us. I’m including a recent episode of his podcast which Dr. Discord chatted with film director Brendan Steere and producer Jesse Gouldsbury of the kick ass film “The VelociPastor”. Plus there are 88 more top of the line episodes to listen to as well.
You can find the website for “A Necessary Evil” here.

You can follow Dr. Discord on Twitter.

If you’re new to the blog,you can catch up on the “8 Questions with……” interviews by going here.  Feel free to leave a comment.




8 thoughts on “8 Questions with……… Dr. Discord of “A Necessary Evil” Podcast

  1. Yes! This was a delightfully good interview with evil representative Dr. Disrord. The skillfully placed plug of you and the cheetah’s time on the show “A Necessary Evil,” fit like a glove. I liked how the show came into existence.
    While teaching his 9-year-old the basics of YouTubing, they discovered podcasting. Most good things are created by accident. This is one of them.
    Enjoying the interviews during this time. Take care my friend, one day at a time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like his varied responses about what evil can be. Definitely agree there’s a large net one can throw out, pulling back many different ideas.
    And agree about Chigurh too! The coin flips and the Terminator-like determination.
    Pretty interesting guy, taking on the topic of villains! ‘Cause who doesn’t like villains?

    Liked by 1 person

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