Have Cheetah,Will View #431 – “Alive” (2020)

Its 1:39 am

I got sent “Alive” by it’s writer-director Jimmy Olsson last week and when I first tried to watch it,it glitched up and froze. I waited a couple of days and then tried it again. So happy that “Alive” played through…..
I was my wife’s caregiver for two and a half years while she had cancer. Its weird to say but I never really realized that until afterwards,I merely saw myself as a husband doing what he could to save his soulmate’s life. It wasn’t until after Lori Ann passed that I heard the term used and how it applied to anyone who was in our shoes.
But what happens when a outsider becomes a caregiver and knows exactly what their role is? How thin is the line between patient and said caregiver? This is the question Olsson brings up in “Alive” and it raises a few questions during its 24 minutes.

Set in Sweden,”Alive” is the story of a severely disabled woman named Victoria (Eva Johansson) who is whairchair bound. We don’t know what cause her condition only that its chronic and she needs around the clock care.
Ida (Madeleine Martin) is Victoria’s caregiver during the day,she and Victoria get along very well as Ida works very hard engage Victoria in her rehab.
When Victoria meets Ida’s new boyfriend Anton,its like a switch goes on in Victoria,she too,longs for a relationship. Ida decides to help and sets up a Tinder account for Victoria.
But when her patient gets a response that Victoria wants to respond to,Ida suddenly becomes overprotective and advises against it and the line between patient and caregiver becomes blurred and uncertain. What is the difference between being care and being alive……..
This film is excellent…..its an amazing piece of work by everyone involved. The two leading actresses,especially Johansson,are on point. In fact I had to ask Jimmy if she was truly was wheelchair bound because I couldn’t tell. Johansson will steal your heart away as Victoria and I loved how Olsson handled the end of her story,top drawer stuff here.
Martin as Ida is equally impressive,she learns a lot about herself here but the most important lesson was to LISTEN. Patients may come in all shape and sizes but they all have voices and free will. You can’t assume ever to start thinking for them,you can only support their choices and Ida’s case,maybe to think through an idea before suggesting it.
“Alive” has a run time of 24 minutes and would be rated “R” for language (its subtitled but still pretty sassy). I’m already sure this will make our Best Of the Year list,”Alive” is that good.

I mentioned my wife’s story because there was never a time where she wasn’t in total control of her choices. She was charge of her journey and that is the way it should have been. Caregivers can suggest,listen,even disagree but they must always leave the choice to the patient/loved one.

The cheetah and I both gave “Alive” a thumb/paw straight up.

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3 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #431 – “Alive” (2020)

  1. This short reminds me of a limited podcast called “Dying For Sex.” It relates the last years of Molly, a terminal cancer patient as she explores her sexuality. Her best friend Nikki supports her and listens to her talk about her hookups on Tinder. Sex is secondary in the story. The driving force is the friendship that cancer could not break.

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