Have Cheetah,Will View #432 – “The Amulet of Fear” (2020)

Its 1:55 pm
overcast/dreary/still locked down

I have been spinning my wheels a bit creatively the past week. My mind is in full memory mode as I am restless and am trying to stay in the moment. Lucky for me,my Twitter is full of interesting people who often showcase their talents. One such person is Italian film maker Andrea Ricca who specializes in making short films on very little money. I saw he was sharing one of his short films on Twitter so the cheetah and I decided to take a peek.

“The Amulet of Fear” is a ultra short film of six minutes and tells what happens when a young woman’s very vivid imagination starts to run wild on a full moon.
For a director with no budget,Andrea has made a tremendously fun short creature feature. His creature looks better then 90% of anything the SyFy Channel could produce and his score is a loving tribute to the 1980s with its synthesizer beat.

While “Amulet” has no dialogue,leading lady Ludovica Ferraro does a nice job is showing her disbelief and wonderment,the way “Amulet” plays out shows that this sort of weirdness isn’t new to her
I really liked “Amulet” and its playfulness  Ricca shows. He has made several other shorts as well and you can check them out on his YouTube Channel.

The cheetah and I gave “The Amulet of Fear” a thumbs/paw straight up and right after we finished this review,a short called “The Giant Scorpion”,another Ricca short popped up….and you how we love those!!!

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