Have Cheetah,Will View #437 – “Held op Sok” (2018)

Its 11:48 am

I was just surfing around and trying to get in a writing mood when my friend,director Thijs Meuwese,pinged me on Facebook. Thijs,who directed one of our favorite films on the blog,”Molly“,has recently seen his prequel to that film,”Kill Mode” come out.
But today he sent us a short film he directed called “Held op Sok” which translated in English means “A Sock and A Hard Place”. And let me tell you,this may be the best title ever for a film!!
The opening shots establish the story while a very catchy pop song plays,a group of young rich kids are having a party when a group of armed kidnappers crash the scene and take this hostage.
The story focuses on one woman named Sam (Annebel Overbeeke) who wakes up along with her friends and then proceeds to try and escape. Simple idea,but she is going to need a miracle to pull it off…….or is she?

This is an amazing short film,imagine taking all the action of “The Raid” and putting it in a very narrow hallway. As you watch the action unfold,you realize that Sam is so much more then what she appears to be and she is no victim to anyone.
It appears that Mwuwese was going for a long single take but I’m glad he didn’t. This is a film that NEEDS a breather and a little back story which is shown,now you know why Sam and her fellow friends have been kidnapped and why Sam,despite being hurt and beat to poo,risks her life in staying when she could have escaped.

Cinematopgrapher Jesper Verkert,who also was the DP on “Kill Mode” shows you why he got the “Kill Mode” job as his camera work is outstanding,the muted lighting only enhances the life and death struggle between Sam and her captors.
The fight scenes are just bonkers as well,Overbeeke,who co-wrote “Sock” with Meuwese,is also outstanding in the fights,she takes a terrible beating yet her Sam shows off a hidden background in the way she handles herself,you find yourself wanting to know more,a LOT more about her.
This is yet another showcase for Thijs,he is a top flight director who clearly knows his way around an action film,its time that someone in America bring him over here and cut him loose with a worthy budget and a worthy script.
“A Sock and A Hard Place” is 18 minutes of pure mayhem and action and we loved it!!
I included the film with my review so take a look and let us know what you think as well.

6 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #437 – “Held op Sok” (2018)

  1. Wow! This was a wild ride! All I can say is I jumped and cringed at the blows that were exchanged during the fight scenes. Awesome short film. I noticed Kill Mode can be rented on Amazon. Will take a look on the weekend while waiting for the Bluray

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    1. No doubt about the cringing part,Sam took a beating but she also had a interesting skill set,I hope we see her again sometime soon!!
      I have to contact the distro and see if they’ll send me a hard copy,I got a screener but I hate those when it comes to reviewing. But I’m eager to see what you think!!!


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