8 Questions with…….the cast of “In Bluebell Wood”

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Welcome to “8 Questions with……”

As any long time reader of this interview series know,I always do a one-on-one format when taking with anyone. Doing a multiple subject interview is something I tried once and I just didn’t think I did it justice. It looked bulky and somewhat confusing and I didn’t think I would try it again.
Well that was until our friend Laura Wilson approached me and said she had something special to share,three very talented actors from her new project “Bluebell Wood”.  This is how I met our next guests,Lilly-May,Maxwell and Evie-Leigh. Laura’s praise of these three young people was so inspiring that I decided that I had to try the multiple subject once again. In talking to these three,I was pleased to see how even keeled all three are,there wasn’t huge egos or a “me,me,me” attitudes and that comes from having some very good parents who while supporting their children,they also keep them firmly on the ground with school and family coming before anything else.
I don’t interview minors very much either but when someone who I respect as much Laura Wilson taps me on the shoulder,then I have to take a peek and ask Lilly-May,Maxwell and Evie Leigh their 8 Questions………


Q: Please introduce yourself and tell us about your newest project, In Bluebell Wood!

Lilly-May: I am Lilly-May Violet. I am 12 years old and live in West Yorkshire. I am looking forward to filming In Bluebell Wood as it sounds like a great adventure! I can’t wait to meet up with other actors I have worked with previously and make new friends.

Evie-Leigh: I am Evie-Leigh Katie. I have just recently turned 10 and I was born in Manchester but live in West Yorkshire. I cannot wait to begin filming In Bluebell Wood, it is going to be so much fun! I am looking forward to meeting up with old friends and making new friends. I am so excited for this adventure. 

Maxwell: My name is Maxwell, I’m 7 years old and I live in Hull. I have an agent Jzee Leeming. In Bluebell Wood is a short film and I play Jacob. He is very cheeky and I have some really cool scenes!

FB_IMG_1586882267089 (1)

Q: How are you coping with Covid-19? What are you and your family doing to make staying at home fun?

Lilly-May: I am not coping very well with Covid-19 as we have to isolate for 12 weeks, but I know it is important that we do. I am home educated so I am used to being at home and not at school. In my spare time I like to read, listen to music and raid the kitchen.

Evie-Leigh: I do miss playing with my friends and seeing my dad, but I know it is very important that we stay in. We are a vulnerable household so I have to isolate for 12 weeks. I spend my spare time playing on Roblox and making TikToks! My mum is teaching me karate at home and we do lots of art projects. I really enjoy art. I have also been doing some self-tapes and having drama lessons with my drama school, Footlights, online.

Maxwell: We are coping good. We are playing games, like Battleships and I always win…daddy says that I always cheat but I don’t actually. Mummy has been doing painting with me. Most of all I like to play Roblox.


Q: How did you get into acting and what do you like best about it?

Lilly-May: When I was 7, I won a competition to be a ‘Little Singer’ for a restaurant and play area company that has establishments up and down the UK. It involved me filming and singing in 2 music videos. I really enjoyed this and wanted to do more. I enjoy getting into character on-set, spending time travelling to different locations and visiting various places. I like that everyone on-set gets along very well and there is no negativity.

Evie-Leigh: I became interested in acting when I was 7. I had modelled for photographers and was a semi-finalist at a fashion show in Bolton. I really enjoyed the cameras. It was an amazing experience. I wanted to do more so my mum suggested acting. I like making new friends and travelling to different locations to film. I find it really fun being on-set and getting into character.

Maxwell: I started acting when I was 3 and I started going to musical theatre classes. I have lots of fun acting. I like to be myself because I’m a pretty cool character, but it is good to pretend to be other people too.


Q: How did you hear about ‘In Bluebell Wood’ and how did you get to be a part of it?

Lilly-May: I worked with Laura Ellen Wilson previously and the original script for In Bluebell Wood was written with me in mind.

Evie-Leigh: I had previously worked on-set with Laura on a TV pilot. I was involved with the idea of ‘In Bluebell Wood’ from the beginning, when Laura wrote the script for a showreel scene. I was written into the original script and I am so grateful for Laura to give me this opportunity. I cannot wait to work with her again.

Maxwell: My mummy told me. I had been in projects before with some of the other cast members who have worked with Laura Wilson and they put us in touch when the idea was being written for a showreel project. We’ve been involved since then.


Q: What is auditioning like for you? How do you prepare for an audition?

Lilly-May: I look forward to auditions. To prepare I stay calm and focused and spend my time practicing at home. I keep a positive mind and try my best.

Evie-Leigh: When I have an audition, I am a mixture between being excited and a little nervous. I try to be confident and remember my lines as best I can. I try my best. I am very happy for every opportunity given to me. To prepare I go over my lines with my mum and she tests me to see if I have remembered. We try make it fun. My mum prints off my lines and I continue to read and remember them whilst travelling to the audition.

Maxwell: I like it and I can meet other people. You have to do lots of hard work learning the script and acting the part. Sometimes if it’s a self tape I have to do it lots of times. I like to do auditions face to face best because you get to go on a long train journey and I LOVE TRAINS!


Q: What has been your favourite role to play so far and what made it special?

Lilly-May: It is hard to choose a favourite at the moment. I may have a better idea when I gain more experience in future acting roles.

Evie-Leigh: My favourite role so far was being a schoolgirl on a short film named ‘Chocolate Hustle.’ I really enjoyed this role as we had lots of fun. There was lots of laughing, giggling and being silly. Most importantly, there was lots of chocolate on-set that was shared out between the child actors! I met lots of new friends and we had lots of fun during the breaks, playing games and talking with the directors.

Maxwell: I had a big part in a feature film last year called ‘Father’s Daze’. I liked that best because I got to do lots of acting.


Q: How important has your family been with regards to your career?

Lilly-May: My mum helps me by finding jobs and auditions or self-tapes. I wouldn’t be able to find these myself. She takes her time to take me to auditions and to help me with self-tapes. I also attend a drama school, Footlights, for acting, singing and dancing. My mum is very important as she helps me to remain calm.

Evie-Leigh: My mum is very helpful and helps me with modelling and acting. She spends a lot of time finding me castings or jobs and helping me with my lines. My mum makes things lots of fun and as long as I am happy with what I am doing, she is happy.

Maxwell: They have helped me behind the camera by reminding me of what I need to do. We do lots of travelling and they give me travel sickness tablets so I don’t get sick.


Q: How do you prepare for an emotional scene? Do you find it hard to be really sad or really happy in an instant?

Lilly-May: At the moment I have not had to film an emotional scene, but I do practice this at home. I usually don’t find it difficult to switch from happy to sad in an instant, it depends on the atmosphere.

Evie-Leigh: I haven’t played a sad role yet but we have practised switching from being happy to sad at home. We learnt I can cry on que, but I don’t really enjoy doing it. I just think of something sad or something really funny to switch character. I have a naturally happy, bubbly, bit crazy personality but I am professional on-set and get into character quickly. 

Maxwell: It is easier to get happy straight away but you can’t be sad straight away because it is hard to get the tears out of your eyes. Do a sad face, yawn a couple of times and the tears will come. You can stay happy by thinking happy thoughts like being in Disneyland or thinking about gaming all day.


Q: Do you have pets? If so, tell us about them and what they mean to you.

Lilly-May: I have a yorkie named Rolo. He helps me to relax and stay calm. Rolo is very cute and crazy. He throws his own toys and enjoys sunbathing to get a tan. He thinks he is a guard dog, he barks and growls at everything he sees. EVERYTHING! Other people, leaves, cars, rubbish, dust – pretty much anything that moves and makes a noise.

Evie-Leigh: I have a small Yorkshire terrier named Rolo, he is 8. He is really cute and funny. He acts like a cat and talks to us. He is my best friend. He goes mentally insane when he wants his toys. When he does the toilet, he runs around like crazy! It is really funny.

Maxwell: I don’t have any pets. Mummy says I am a handful just by myself without needing pets!!


Q: Do you plan on making acting your career?

Lilly-May: Yes, I would like to be an actress as my main career. Acting is what I have wanted to do from a very young age.

Evie-Leigh: Yes. I really enjoy acting it is really fun.

Maxwell: I do want to be an actor but also want to do other jobs like being a police officer and a train driver. When I’m about 32 I’ll be a police officer but my first job as an adult will be driving trains. 


Q: What advice would you give a young actor like yourself who is just starting out in the industry?

Lilly-May: Don’t be scared to try. Practice as much as you can. Look for acting jobs with university students or independent film directors to gain experience. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Always try your best.

Evie-Leigh: Try your best. Don’t be sad if you don’t get the job because there will be lots more jobs for you. Make it fun. Enjoy yourself and work hard. Spend time practicing reading and learning scripts so you get used to it. Maybe film yourself doing monologues for practice and play it back so you can see if you can improve. 

Maxwell: Try your best, you can do this and never give up.

I like to thank Lilly-May,Maxwell,Evie-Leigh and their wonderful parents for letting us ask them 8 Questions and we wish them the very best with “In Bluebell Wood” and other acting projects in the future. I like to thank Laura Wilson for her help and patience in making this very fun interview happen as well.

To keep up with “In Bluebell Wood”,please check out their Facebook page.
You also subscribe to Laura’s new YouTube channel for new updates and meet the rest of the cast and crew.

Thank you in advance for supporting Lilly-May,Maxwell and Evie-Leigh’s interview.
Please feel free to drop a comment or question below and I’ll pass it along to their folks.

6 thoughts on “8 Questions with…….the cast of “In Bluebell Wood”

  1. Wow, I can’t even imagine being that open and able to communicate so clearly as a child. Those girls are definitely made for that industry.
    All very honest about having to cry, too. They can do it but it’s no fun and they have to think of something sad. I wish I could tell them they have one up on Steve McQueen who turned down Close Encounters of a Third Kind because he didn’t have confidence that he could “cry on cue” !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its not as easy as it looks,is it? I was pretty impressed with the 5 youngsters I have chatted with so far,I always hope the parents aren’t pushing them into doing something they may lose interest in but so far,so good!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The ones with the passion and the love of it will remain, pushed or not, I would wager. It would be best to find out young, that’s for sure, whether or not it’s your “thing.” I can’t believe a ten-year-old’s smarter than I am, lol !!!

    Liked by 1 person

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