Catfish and Porkchop: Film Hunters

Its 3:45 pm

On Friday I get a phone call from my buddy Rome aka Catfish. He is taking a well deserved day off and is just chilling at home. Now some of you may know that Catfish and I like to go film hunting but we really haven’t had a chance to hang together because of the pandemic.
Last weekend we each hit the newest Dollar Tree sale but we did that by ourselves. I was out looking for three items of note from this round of Dollar Tree sales. Because so many film buffs post their hauls of what they get at their local Dollar Trees,you know what to look for,sort of. Not every store carries the same films so you have to venture out a lil bit to see if you can find what you want.
Whenever Catfish or I hear about the Dollar Tree sales,we let the other one know about it and sometimes we’ll meet at the supermarket size store in Westland. They have the largest assortment of any store in our area but they also get hit the hardest by other film buffs and the like. But this time around,we went solo.
I was looking for three titles that I had seen other collectors post on YouTube:

Warehouse 13 – Season One

The Objective – IFC Films

Backcountry – IFC Films

Now normally I just go to the two nearest stores,one is about a mile away and the other is about 3 miles away. But when I struck out at my two stores,I ventured further,I went to Westland with no luck and then for the first time,I went to the Dollar Tree closest to Catfish’s house. He had told me that his store was pretty good and so I went to see and yep,he was right. His store is located in a nearly empty strip mall,the only other store was a Subway.
I got there at 9:30 but the store didn’t open til 10.  My store near me always opens at 8 am so this was different. But there was about 10-15 older folks who knew each other by the way they were small talking. At 10 am,I went inside and found “Warehouse 13” at the very back end of the display.
Now encouraged,I went to one more DT but struck out on the IFC Films. But I still had a good haul and told Catfish his store was indeed was very good.
The past Saturday we met up at our local Big Lots where I had found my copy of “Master Of None” the week earlier. The store was pretty busy and in the week that had past,had started a remodel. Everyone was wearing their masks and were very polite.
I found a copy of “Masters” for Catfish…..while I picked up a slew of Universal season sets for 5.00 apiece.  Picked up “Dracula”,”Colony”,”The Starter Wife” and “Dig”….and found out they all only lasted a single season.
We decided to head to the other Big Lots store which is about 10 miles away from us.
As we drove,we noticed how traffic has pretty much gone back to normal,people just want to get out and about.Catfish wondered if Disc Replay was open but I doubted it because the video store I shop at is still closed as are a lot of small businesses. But the website said they were but it wasn’t quite what we were expecting,they were open but only letting in one person at a time and they couldn’t shop the whole store. We decided to abandon Disc Replay and head to the Big Lots.

Wow,this store was packed with people and everyone was again wearing masks. I found a few things including the DCAU film of “Vixen” which I was really happy to find for only 3.00.  The checkout line was really long,it took about 20 minutes to get out of there but no one was complaining. Catfish was outside talking to his girl while he waited for me.
We made one more stop….we had one more Dollar Tree to check out. While Big Lots had delivered for me but not Catfish,it was the other way around at Dollar Tree….they had been crushed except for a few films left. I struck out in looking for my IFC Films titles but I let Catfish know about Adam Green’s “Digging Up the Marrow” which was excellent.
Thus ended our first film in quite a while…….it was a lot of fun but I’m still looking for “The Objective” and “Backcountry” but with another Dollar Tree sale coming up in about five weeks,who knows what might be coming down the line….

Are you a film collector? What was the last movie you bought? Drop a comment below and let us know.

8 thoughts on “Catfish and Porkchop: Film Hunters

  1. Sounds like a decent hall. I’ve heard Backcountry is a good flick. I have a decent DVD collection; I even have a few VHS tapes of movies that I can’t get any other way like Buster and Billie, but I don’t collect DVDs anymore. I rent movies on Infinity and I have Netflix and Hulu and Prime Video and cable TV so I can usually find something to watch. Big Lots is a good place to get DVDs. Thrift stores are too, if you hit them right.

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    1. I remember you telling me about your fine collection. VHS tapes are a fickle market,I know some folks still collect VHS tapes but they are slowly fading away,my library gives them away for free if they donated.
      I was very happy with I found,Big Lots have lowered prices and film buffs are finding this out. Makes the hunting a little more fun.

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  2. You must have a warehouse to store all of your movies. I mostly stream as I need…but my favorites are strong kick-ass female leads. I have bought a few like “Atomic Blond” with Charlize Theron and “Wonder Woman” with Gal Gadot. Of course, you know I have “Molly” starring Julia Batelaan.

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