Have Cheetah,Will View #441 – “Fake Doctors,Real Friends” podcast

Its 5:36 pm

So regular readers may have noticed that I am a huge “Scrubs” fan. I have watched the entire series all the way through probably about 7-8 times already. A lot of the songs I cover in “I Sing” are songs that were featured on the show. While I have been a John C. McGinley fan since “Platoon” and knew Donald from “Remember the Titans”,when I first started watching the show,I didn’t know anyone on the cast when I started watching it.
But by the 4th episode,I knew “Scrubs” was a special show and I was hooked on it.
“Scrubs” aired for 9 seasons,yes the last season counted AND it was rather good,it doesn’t deserve the scorn so-called fans give it. I loved all the characters except one,why and how creator and showrunner Bill Lawrence thought Neil Flynn’s Janitor character was funny is a complete mystery to me. While he had his moments,I just hated Flynn’s take on the Janitor.

The real heart of the show was the bromance between Zach Braff’s John “JD”Dorian and Donald Faison’s Christopher Turk. The minute you see these two on screen,you can see they are also best friends in real life and this is what exactly what Zach and Donald are.
You see both of their character’s grow throughout the show as Dr. Dorian and Turk gain experience and wisdom both within the walls of Scared Heart Hospital and outside it as well.  The laughs these two fine actors delivered (as well as a few tears) during the show’s run has been unmatched,in my opinion,JD and Turk had the best male realtionship in any sitcom in TV history and yes,I have watched M.A.S.H.
Last year there was some rumblings that maybe “Scrubs”might come back for a limited episode season at ABC,the fans wanted it,the whole cast seemed ready to dive back in but then,just like that,the buzz went away and I haven’t heard anything since.
The cast went on with their careers,it was most likely at this time that Sam Lloyd,who played lawyer Ted Buckland,found out he had brain cancer and started undergoing treatment.
When the Covid-19 pandemic hit,a ton of different film/singing/writing artists were looking for outlets to both entertain us and to stay actively creative. For Zach and Donald,what better time to launch a podcast based on their experiences on “Scrubs”.
The podcast,called “Fake Doctors,Best Friends“, has Zach and Donald going through each episode and pointing out various things about the show. Of course they also talk about their friendship,topical events,their families and whatever else that happens to come to their minds.

Of course Zach and Donald have as guests their fellow castmates and creator Bill Lawrence. Of course I already have asked that Nicole Sullivan,who played the recurring role of Jill Tracy,be a guest on the podcast,her character was a such an important part of the show and led to perhaps the two best episodes of the entire series.
Because of the pandemic,podcast is being broadcast from Zach and Donald’s homes and so it plays as a radio show.  Whether this will change after the lockdown is lifted is yet to be seen. They can see each other through Zoom but other then a segment where a fan gets to join in and ask a couple of questions about the show.
The show is quite funny and definitely NSFW as the language on podcasts are pretty much uncensored and make for big laughs.
I think having Zach and Donald co-hosting is smart because while there are 182 episodes of “Scrubs”,this pandemic lockdown is going to be lifted and of course real life will commence. With Zach and Donald being pretty busy,I think the podcast is going to have several co-hosts and I think that will enrich the show.

I think this is a very good podcast and one I recommend highly. I’m sure you’ll all enjoy the show and will tune in as Zach and Donald are dropping two shows a week. Sadly Sam Lloyd recently passed away and Zach and Donald paid him a nice tribute on the show following Sam’s passing.
The run times varies,anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half depending on how much of a comedic roll Donald and Zach are on during the recording of that particular show.
You can find the show by clicking here,this will lead you to the podcast’s page.

The cheetah and I both give “Fake Doctors,Real Friends” two thumbs and four paws straight up.




8 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #441 – “Fake Doctors,Real Friends” podcast

  1. I love Scrubs and wish I had a Bromance like JD and Turk. I didn’t know they now had a POD case: I often wondered what they might be doing nowadays

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    1. The podcast is a complete hoot,those two haven’t changed,they slid into JD and Turk like if the show was still on. But the language is very salty to say the least which only makes the podcast funnier in my opinion.

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    1. I can relate to that as well. There are plenty of series that don’t really interest me very much as well. But the podcast is more then just talking about the show…..just Zach and Donald talking is fun of its own.

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  2. You know, in retrospect, you are SO right about the janitor. Now that I think back, my husband and I would look at each other with “Huh?” expressions quite a bit whenever he was doing his “thing”–whatever it was supposed to be. It just was not funny. His “schtick” fell flat and missed the mark most of the time. Weird!

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