20 May 20

Its 10:47 pm

Excuse the following rambling,I just need to write and I am not sure what I’m going to actually say..I am going to put on a interview that Dr. Discord did with actor Daniel R. Hill that he did on his podcast,click on this link to hear it as well.
I made it through 20 May in one piece,it was a strange day that saw me wake up and start looking for a lawn service to come cut my back lawn. Now normally this wouldn’t have happened but between not paying attention and SE Michigan getting some serious rain this spring,it got away from me. My little push mower would no chance of cutting ankle high grass. So I got ahold of a local company called All-American Lawn Care and told them I needed a backyard cut and told him how high the grass was.  The owner said he would be by later and check it out.
The day went on,I am pretty much disconnected on 20 May,I don’t answer the phone and pretty much don’t want to be disturbed. The phone rings and its the lawn care guy and he says “When was the last time you were out here”? I go outside and head to the backyard and holy crow,he ain’t kidding!!! My ankle high grass is almost to my knees,the rain had blown it up far beyond what I had thought. I thought I was toast but he smiled and he he could handle it but he was going to have to go slow.
30 Minutes later and my backyard looked amazing,he had just crushed it and his helper had also done some extras including raking up the worst of the grass clippings. They did an amazing job to say the least. I may just decide to let him cut the backyard this summer if we continue to get the rain we are getting.
This week saw the same rain pound central Michigan in a area I know very well,Midland. Not that I know the town all that well but maybe a few diners and Midland Mall. Whenever Lori and I went to see her family or went on vacation,we stopped at Midland to exchange driving duties. Lori would drive us from our house and since I was (still am) about driving over bridges,she would take us past the Zilwaukee Bridge to Midland and from there on,I took us the rest of the way. If it was at night,we just top off the gas and go but if it was early enough during the day,we would stop at the mall to window shop and have a meal. The Dow Chemical plant can be seen from the freeway and you always wondered what exactly they were making.
This week saw the Midland area get hit very hard when a problem plagued dam gave away and flooded the whole area under 9 feet of water. The area is rather open and flat which only makes things so much worse. Of course the asshole in the White House is using this disaster as a way to punish our Governor for her speaking out on him by theatening to withhold aid to the state. What is a ironical is a lot of those inbred NRA terrorist types who marched around in Lansing,come from the area. And yet Gov. Whitmer is working hard on their behalf to help them. Michigan is a hot mess….
Back to my 20 May day….after my lawn was done and I ate my dinner,I went and visited my neighbor Al. I had chatted with him briefly with him last month when we talked about the Covid-19 and one of his friends had died of it. Al is the neighbor who drove me to Arbor Hospice the day Lori Ann passed away and he kept me together during the very long 14 days afterwards. I always try and pay my respects on the 20th because he did me such a great service. I don’t see him nearly as much as I should but I’m like that pretty much all the time. What is so strange is Al and I used to walk together and when Lori started having problems,I remember standing with Al and asking him “What if she has cancer”? I said this because I was having such a hard time getting her to see a doctor and I have shared that here on the blog. But I still can see the damn place where it truly all started with us and Al was there when it ended as well. The world is so strange to me at times.
But since I didn’t see him last year,I told him what happened last year in discovering I had a sister I never I had and found that out last May 20th. Al has always been a good sounding board and we always have had good discussions. What was meant to be a be a simple 10 minute talk turned out to last a couple of hours.
I noticed he was wearing something under his shirt but didn’t say anything until he volunteered he was wearing a heart moniter for 14 days,he had to have it going for 30 days so the doctors could figure out what was going on with him. I let him know if he needed anything,I was am just 3-4 minutes away.
So by this time tomorrow,I may have a real cell phone. I have had my dad’s phone for over a year but never have turned it on,just really didn’t want to all that much.  But after being poked and prodded by my pal Catfish and others,I am finally going to see about getting it working. The battery was deader then dead but Catfish had a charger and he says it recharged like a champ and that phone was rather nice. I had no idea,I used it as a paperweight for some paperwork I had laying around my messy counter.
I’m meeting Catfish at a phone center tomorrow,he wants to make sure I get a decent plan for the money. I just want to be able to post some pictures of the cheetah up and actually be able to use my InstaGram page…I also want to keep my phone number as well. But we’ll see what happens,right?
A few weeks ago while I was cooking dinner (I was baking chicken) I noticed Paladin sitting at his window and he was chattering. Cats (including the big cats like Paladin) will involuntary chatter and make little chirping noises when they see potential prey but not be able to actually hunt it. Derek Jeter used to chatter but Ginger never did and Paladin rarely does. It sounded cute but I didn’t much attention to it. But later on,I noticed he was at the front door and was looking up (I have a glass door that Paladin likes). Now that got my curiousity up and I walked over to see what the cheetah was staring at.
On top of my porch light,a robin had built a nest,it was our first nesting in six years. When Lori and I bought our house in 2006,we had a robin’s nest every year on our porch. We joked that they must have followed us from Northville because we nests in our carport as well. The cheetah was staring up at the nest and when I looked as well,the mama took off and started yelling at us. I don’t use my front door much,I generally use the garage as its eaiser to keep the cheetah indoors. We kept watch on the nest and I knew the mama was still around when I went to get the mail but this week has been quiet and I don’t think that is a good sign as we never heard any chicks chirping. Of course we could have been late to the game and the chicks were more ready then we thought. I haven’t touched the nest but I think I’ll be taking a peek this weekend. I hope the nest is empty……
Okay,I have written a small book here but I needed to write anything……I have two new interviews to post and two more to send out including one I have been hoping to get for a long time….
Not really going to broadcast this one but if you stumble across it while reading a interview or review,thank you for reading and drop a comment below.
I like to give a shout out to Mike Ferguson for the hella cool talk as well,I really needed that. I hope you are feeling better.

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