A Paladin the Cheetah story

Its 3:37 am

Most people use or have a alarm clock to help them get up in the morning. I have one as well but I never have to use it. You see,Paladin,my cheetah,is my alarm clock. Every morning for the past couple of years the cheetah has woken me with his meows. Often times I feel he is checking up on me,making sure I’m here on planet Earth.
During this time I have been paying attention to his meows and how he uses it.
Most meows are used to get me up and give him treats,if I have opened a bag of Temptation turkey treats,the meow is very strident and he won’t stop until he gets his treat. Sometimes he’ll meow until he sees me move and then he’ll go back downstairs and wait til I get up.

Now Lori and I always made sure that our cats (and cheetah) had a full bowl because we both worked long hours and we always wanted them to have food.
So I do this even now….and I started noticing something about Paladin that I didn’t know,he has food security anxiety. Now he has a pretty deep bowl and he enjoys IAMS food. He likes to flick his food outside his bowl and eat off the ground.
I started noticing his “turkey” meow was being used whenever he could see the bottom of his bowl,even if there was still food in it,his bowl is never competely empty. I would get up and go downstairs and give him his treats. But he will stay with me if the bottom is showing,I’ll grab The Cup and head down to the basement where I keep his food. He’ll run down the stairs and proceed to meow 1-2 times and flop on his side.
I’ll refill his water in the basement and then pat my leg and say “Let’s go cheetah!!” and he’ll walk up the stairs and watch me pour his food into his bowl. Now does he eat right away? No,he never does,he’ll either go get his treats or go to his favorite solaring spot. He just wants to know that his food bowl is full.
I don’t know Paladin’s history but I suspect he was a owner surrender,Huron Valley wouldn’t share that info with me when I adopted him but watching him I know his old owner used to let him go outside. I’m thinking he didn’t get fed as much as he should have or he had to compete for food sources which may have caused his intolerance toward other cats. Needless to say,I am taking steps to reassure him he will eat before me when it comes to that.
He has lost his winter fur and is much more active now that summer is here. I’ll try and post some new pictures next week.

13 thoughts on “A Paladin the Cheetah story

  1. Paladin is a handsome boy. I love his splotches of orange tabby and his perfect reverse widow’s peak marking. I love the thin white line on the tips of his ears.
    We had a solid white cat named Spanky the same expression that Paladin has in the picture. He would do that when he was fascinated by something. Our cat Blondie (he’s solid black) has the exact same “food insecurity” that you describe. He’s never missed a meal in his life and it shows. Ha! He’s beautiful but he’s way too fat.

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    1. I think I was slow to pick up on his issues because he always has food in his bowl and he has never growled or hissed at me when I take away his plate I give him wet food on.
      Laying in bed and listening to the tones of his meows is what raised the flag…….he is a very pretty cheetah,I wish he had a couple of black spots however. Somehow I don’t think people quite believe me when I mention Paladin is a real cheetah…..

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  2. I guess memories of not getting regular meals must stick with him, which explains the “micro food management” he does by following you around until the bowl is full. He has taken the job of reminding you (even though you didn’t forget) to prepare his chow… hungry or not. And it shows he’s in charge.

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  3. I like the video about the meows. I think I like the trilling meow the most. But it’s strange to think that cats purr when they’re content AND when they’re stressed. How could you use the same sound for such two different experiences? Interesting! Cheetah’s a very very lucky kitty, and I’m sure he knows that! 🙂

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  4. As a new pet owner, I’m finding it amazing watching my cat’s personality reveal itself, but also her anxieties and quirks. We adopted Stevie out of “stray-kitten hell”. She obviously was abandoned, skin-and-bones, skittish. It has taken us months to earn her trust, yet she’s still quite skittish. There’s a wildness in her from her “past life” that I wonder if our love will ever be able to shake. What do you think?

    Here’s our story of how we found her: https://saralivingfree.com/2020/02/27/shop-cat-story-adopt-a-stray-cat/

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    1. Is Stevie skittish around everyone or just you?
      It sounds like she bonded with your husband straight away . I noticed you said you were allergic,most allergic people shy away from whatever animal they are allergic too….and cats can sense that. You have to maintain eye contact and when you get a chance,pet Stevie or at least let her rub against your hand. Once Stevie sees you are comfortable with her,she’ll relax. Also,never hold cat a cat past the time they want down,kids tend to do that and that stresses a cat out and will skittish behaviour as well….

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      1. She’s nervous around everyone, but I can also see that she has a teasing, playful personality. So, she’ll come up to us just close enough and then when we try to pet her, she’ll scamper back and then come close again. Other times, she’ll let us pick her up. It depends on her mood.

        As for the kid thing, Yes, we had to tell our kids after a while: “If you just let Stevie be alone for a few weeks, she’ll stop running away from you so much. She can’t trust you right now cause you pick her up even when she warns you she doesn’t want you to.” That helped a lot. My kids are learning to respect her space, but it’s hard, cause… cats are fluffy and cute! LOL

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