Have Cheetah,Will View #444 “Top Gear – From A to Z” (2015)

Its 1:37 am

Still trying to get my writing jump-started this week. Had to take a few steps away to re-charge the inner-battery.
But not everything is doom and gloom,the big news is that our Family Video stores have re-opened finally and it was nice to see Erich and Ashley again. The stores are very slowly being re-stocked with all the past films that should have been released but couldn’t due to the pandemic.
Dollar Tree also just dropped a new sale this week and that led Catfish and I back out and headed to Westland. The store there started their sale a week early and Catfish’s sister had given him the heads up. So Saturday morning saw us meet up to see what goodies we could find.

This is how I found today’s review,a compilation of the beloved BBC’s “Top Gear” automobile show. Now while I had faintly heard of yet,it wasn’t until Catfish filled me that I got curious about it. The is a cross between a car review show,Fear Factor and a comedy skit show.  The show launched in 2002 in the UK and its self was a re-launch of an earlier version which ran from 1977-2001.The original was very popular as it had a whole slew of hosts (called presenters in the UK),one of them being car journalist Jeremy Clarkson,who quickly became a huge favorite when he joined the show in 1988. He stayed until 2000 before he left the show.
While Top Gear remained a popular show,the BBC decided to cancel it in 2001 and the first version ended.

But the show was relaunched in 2002 and it featured Clarkson and after the first season,the show added Richard Hammond and James May. Where as the first series was pretty straight forward in terms of covering car reviews and driving news,the new version of Top Gear became a much more entertainment show which featured celebrities driving for a fast lap speed on a controlled speedway,crazy driving challenges and races among the hosts. The show introduced a mysterious driver known as “The Stig”who also do verious driving tests and races,The Stig’s identity was huge secret as his face was never seen.
Now while I never had watched the show,I picked up “Top Gear: From A to Z”as a way to get introduced to the show. For a mere dollar,I gotta say the cheetah and I got our money’s worth!!
This is generally a clip episode of some of the craziest things that the show has done and they are listed via the alphabet. The highlights include simple car reviews as Clarkston discusses driving a new Aston-Martin and feeling sad because he feels cars like these powerful roadsters are going to fade away as we turn more and more to electrics as climate change affects our world.

Various past guests pop up and talk about the show and their experiences with the three hosts. A lot of them are pretty amazed at some of the risks they take and honestly,I was too….racing to the North Pole in a truck vs. dog team challenge may have seemed simple but when Clarkson and Hammond drive on ice that maybe isn’t as thick as they thought,you can see the terror in their eyes as the ice starts to crack.
The one challenge that was our favorite was Hammond driving a million dollar Bugatti vs. a Euro Typhoon fighter jet,all Hammond has to do is drive a mile down a runway and a mile back….a mere two miles. The Typhoon has to take off,zoom up to a mile and then come back down and fly past the starting line……

The show with Hammond,Clarkston and May ran until Clarkston was fired after assaulting a crew member who had worked 10 years on the show. Clarkston was also caught on camera saying “nigger” and then denying it. The BBC reacted after the assault with removing him as a host after that incident and Hammond and May quit in support.
Top Gear once again retooled and is doing very well with new hosts while Clarkston,May and Hammond did a new show for Amazon called “The Grand Tour” which ran for five seasons before being canceled by Amazon.

With Dollar Tree sales now including many BBC releases,one hopes that full seasons of “Top Gear”,no matter who is hosting it,will be included in the titles that are being released. It is a very fun show and despite Clarkston being a bit of an asshole,I enjoyed watching this special very much.

“Top Gear: From A-Z” has a run time of 2.5 hours and has no special features.
It should be considered a PG-13 for salty language and highly dangerous stunts.

The cheetah and I gave this a thumbs up for the action and a middle finger to Clarkston for his boorish attitude.

Are you a fan of the “Top Gear” show? Tell us your favorite moments of the show in the comments below. We look forward to hearing from you.

7 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #444 “Top Gear – From A to Z” (2015)

  1. I’ve watched Top Gear a few times. I didn’t know anything about Jeremy Clarkson, but I didn’t like him. I got bad vibes from him., i.e., smart alec, know-it-all, obnoxious. So I’m not surprised to hear that he got into trouble and flushed his career down the toilet, if only temporarily.

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  2. Yeah, my husband knew all about him. Said he was a prima donna, yelled, cursed people out. I had no idea he assaulted someone or used racist terminology. My husband loves car shows. He’s always trying to get me to watch with him and my eyes just glaze over, lol…

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  3. Okay, yeah, I thought dogfights were associated with planes, not cars. And they are! That does sound interesting. I only know one fact about WWII pilots: those depictions of them wearing those scarves wasn’t for fashion or even warmth. Silk scarves were actually the best: it kept their necks from chafing while they were looking all around them for the enemy.

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