The House That Dripped Blood

Its 12:02 pm

I am slowly starting to really hate this house.  I guess I have felt that way for a while now. Since we moved into our house in 2006,I have lost my entire family. I have watched Derek Jeter and Paladin kill several mice and what appeared to be a hawk (that was Paladin’s  doing….he IS a cheetah). I have buried a pair of robin chicks that fell from their nests.
This week has been one from hell…..Friday night while the cheetah and I were watching “Tru Calling”,I heard noise coming from the fireplace. I paused the show and listened and sure enough there was noise from something trapped within. Now this isn’t the first time,a bird got trapped for two days before escaping….what made THAT episode so weird was I called a animal removal service,explained what was going on and could they come out and rescue whatever was trapped.  They said “Sure can,one of our highly trained techs will be out soon”. Three hours later a dude who looked like he just stepped out of meth rehab showed up…..and knowing full well the animal was trapped in the chimney,didn’t bother carrying a ladder in his truck. Of course I sent him packing and when he mentioned a service call fee,I laughed at him and said “I should be the one charging you for wasting my time. In fact do you have a card so I know who I’m reporting to the Better Business Bureau”. Well that ended that and off he went. The bird got out a day later.
Figuring the odds were slim against THAT happening again……until last Friday night.
The cheetah walked to the fireplace,his ears perked but strangely enough,no chattering.
I hit the pause on the remote and sure enough,I could hear the bird moving about. And sure enough it it happens on a Friday which means by calling a critter control/removal company on a weekend will cost double and I can’t afford that so I heard it for two days.
Its been very warm here in SE Michigan and I didn’t think it would last til Monday but sure enough….and I started calling companies. The earliest anyone could come was Tuesday and at noon,they did…..two very dedicated techs with all the proper gear. They spent 90 minutes looking for the bird but it it was quiet,we all thought it had passed Monday night even though I had heard it at 12: 30 AM Tuesday morning.
With one tech on the roof and one inside at the fireplace,we should have spotted something,dead or alive but nothing. I had them seal up the chimney to prevent anymore birds coming in and they did.
Not less then 30 minutes after they had left,I heard it again…..this was turning into some Edgar Alan Poe shit now.  When I called back the critter company,they said the bird must have gotten behind a fireplace insert and call a chimney company of which I did. But due to to pandemic,a lot of companies,small to begin with,just didn’t have the man power to help and they also didn’t know what the insert was. Back to the original company and they wanted to charge me more money and said they also couldn’t gurantee that they could get the bird either.
I then accidently called the same company when I first had this happen and when they mentioned I had called before,I explained what had happened and why I never used them before hanging up.
One last call to a wildlife removal company and the best they could do was charge me 500.00 to come out and look….they had no intention on trying to help me when they tossing that kind of pricing about. So you know where this story is headed and another reason why I’m slowly starting to really hate this house.
I haven’t been into the living room for almost a week now……

I suck as a human being,I really do. I’m very sorry to that creature,it didn’t deserve to die like that.

4 thoughts on “The House That Dripped Blood

  1. I was going to suggest putting a wire cover on top of the chimney opening, but you did one better by sealing it up permanently. Wildlife removal companies charge a fee? What if you had a bear in the yard? I wouldn’t worry about the animal dying. You made an effort to save it and that’s what counts.

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  2. Are you kidding? How can you suck when you made such a huge effort to help it? And during the pandemic! It’s not like you sat around twiddling your thumbs. At least it’s closed up now. You won’t have to go through it again…..

    It’s funny that you had a cat called Derek Jeter.
    We used to have two black cats called Gary and Cooper when we lived in Brooklyn. They were brother and sister. Cooper was insane and Gary was very calm all the time…

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    1. Gary and Cooper… that was very clever. Derek Jeter was the sweetest cat I have had….Paladin is very sweet but he has that inner cheetah especially around other cats. Derek didn’t mind other cats as long as they were mellow…..and while Paladin is a ball of fire,Derek had the weapons,his paws were freaskishly huge,it was like he was part Maine Coon but he wasn’t.

      Its very unerving to sit in the TV room and hear the bird and knowing now that he is dying a terrible death,yeah,I suck. I should have had the chimney treated after I got lucky the first time instead of playing the odds.

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  3. I gotcha. But don’t kick yourself in the ass too much. You’ve had a lot on your mind, after all….

    As for the kitties, wish I could have met DJ. It’s nice that Paladin’s still here and I can see him in pictures. I used to have a black cat called Mr. Smith who acted like a dog, pretty much. He was my best friend when I was a kid. I can’t believe the love I feel swelling up in me, still, when I think of him 30 years later…

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