I Sing – The Rolling Stones “She Was Hot”

Its 5:36 pm

First off,you’re not mistaken,I am indeed talking about a song from The Rolling Stones.
A lot of my close friends know I’m not that big into the Stones,there are some songs I do like but I have never been enamored like so many other have. The truth is,its not the band or even the song that I’m drawing attention to……it is the actress who is playing the femme fatale.
Her name was Anita Morris and I can remember reading about her in Time Magazine when she was appearing on the Broadway musical “Nine”. The article was about how the show was a big hit and Anita was a major reason why.

But it wasn’t until I saw her in the very weird and strange “Hotel New Hampshire” that I got to see Anita act.  While her role was a small one being that it was a enssemble cast,it was an important part. But that was it…..I never saw anything else with Anita in it.
It was in 1994 when I read a small article saying that Anita Morris had passed away,she was only 50 years old and it wasn’t until the age of the internet that I found out she had died of ovarian cancer and had fought it for 14 years! 14 years…..ovarian cancer,it staggers my mind because treatment of ovarian cancer wasn’t very effective at all back in 1980.
It wasn’t until YouTube posted this video as a suggestion that I even knew this existed,it just popped up and I watched it and all those memories of Anita slinking through “Nine” came back.  This video is a nice showcase of Anita’s skills as a dancer and smoldering sexuality yet shows her playfulness. It is a lot of fun to watch as she wrecks every man in sight.

As for the song itself,its pretty catchy but as far as I know,I have never heard it on any classic rock stations nor have I heard any of my friends who are Stones fans comment on it as one of their better efforts.
I will say this however,the lyrics…….rarely has a song like “She Was Hot” sounded so dated as this one,its worth it just to hear Mick Jagger complain how nothing is on TV,something that is NEVER said today!!! The album which this song appeared on was “Undercover” and was released in 1983. It wasn’t well received by the band’s fanbase and was the first Stones recored not to hit Number One.

She Was Hot

The Rolling Stones

New York was cold and damp
TV is just a blank
Looks like another dead end Sunday

What about an early night
Monday never feels so bright
Ooh the sheets feel cold and lonely

Who wants to brave the pouring rain
For a glass of French champagne?
Well grab a cab, grab a cap and baby, come right by

And she was hot, as she kissed my mouth
She was hot, as I wiped her brow
She was hot, she pinned me to the ground
She was quick, she knew her way around
She was hot, as she tore my clothes
She was hot, she had no place to go
She was hot, on a cold and rainy night

Detroit was smoky grey
Nothing like the good old days
Well I got a fever that I’m fighting

I don’t need your company
Leave me in my misery
I can take the rebound just like lightning

And she was hot, in a 50’s dress
She was hot, her lips were flashing red
I was lost, in her burning flesh
I was hot, I was dripping sweat
She was hot, in the Detroit snow
She was hot, she had no place to go
She was hot, on a cold and rainy night

And she was hot, and I had the blues
She was hot, honey, where were you?
If you were in my shoes
You would be excused

She was hot, you could never wait
She was hot, never hesitate
She was hot, on a cold and rainy night

I think I’m going off the rails
Riding down the pleasure trails
I was taking passion where you find it

Honey when you’re young and fresh
And you need the touch of flesh
Go take the treasure where you find it

And she was hot, in the melted snow
She was hot, in the molten glow
She was hot, she got it in the blood
She was hot, like the dam that bursts
She was strong, she was strong and true
She was black, and her eyes were blue
She was lost, and she took a chance
At just a brief romance

Down the avenue into the lost bayou
Into the tall bamboo, back to the human zoo
I wish you all the best, I hope we meet again
In a cold Chicago night

She was hot
She was hot
She was hot hot hot
She was hot hot hot
She was hot hot hot
She was hot hot hot
She was hot hot hot
She was hot hot hot
She was hot hot hot
She was hot hot hot


Any Stones here? Which Rolling Stones aongs and albums are your favorites? Drop a comment below and share them with us.

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