Catfish and Porkchop – “Bike Hunters”

Its 9:15 pm

I had a busy weekend for a welcome change. The cheetah and I have been getting more active around the house. I finally got my garage almost fixed,it only needs a paint touch-up,I had to get a hoe for a massive weed patch that blew up in my front yard and I’m still decluttering the house as well.
The hoe story is one for the books….a couple of weeks back I went to get my haircut at Great Clips,the store is in a Meijer store and I went in on a Saturday. I expected the store to be busy and I knew I would have to wait a bit. I got to the store and was checked in. Another woman and I were told it would be about 20 minutes. We were kept outside on the chairs Great Clips put out for overflow.
Sure enough about 20 minutes later,we were ushered in the store and asked to wait.
So we did,we were social distancing as we watched three cutters work on clients while the other three were gathering around the register and talking how the air conditioner had conked out,they were using 3 floor fans.
But as we watched,we noticed one thing,the three cutters who were busy kept stopping and gathering with the other three who were doing nothing. They cut for three-four minutes the pow-wow with the others for another 3-4 minutes. Soon our 20 minute wait had shot up to 35 minutes and the merry-go-round among the employees continued.
45 minutes into the wait and then a man walked in and since he had checked in online,he got pushed to the front and that was the last straw. I never said a word even though I wanted to,I just left and chalked it to a day from hell.
Flash forward to this week and I see that massive weed patch and decided a hoe would be better to clear it then my by hand. I went to both Lowe’s and China Depot to look for said hoe but to my surprise,neither store had any hoes,in fact they didn’t have hardly any garden tools at all. Now I worked at China Depot for years and while summer is a very busy time of year,we never had sold out of garden tools. It was a little surreal to see the empty slots where the tools normally would be.
So still needing a haircut,I decided to “check in” just in case the Great Clips was busy….but I will tell you this,if there was someone before me,check-in or not,I am not taking their spot…but of course you already can see where this going,right?
When I walked in,I was the only customer…..but I got a nice haircut and the cutter was gracious enough to apologize for what happened. I said it was over and did they get their AC fixed which they did a couple of days later.
Then I went and found the hoe that I was looking for….and I did a nice job in clearing my weed patch but I still have a ways to go before I can claim a nice looking yard.
So I get a call from Catfish,he says he wants to know if I want to go bike hunting with him and I say “Hell yeah!” I know his girl has inspired to get in better shape and God knows that fits me as well. I am pretty lucky as the city I’m in has a lot of bike trails where you can get a in a good bike ride in.
So we make plans to hook up on Sunday for lunch and plan out the hunting trip,I wouldn’t mind a beach cruiser as they are comfortable to ride and the rider does all the work which is what I need. But Catfish wants a little more pep. Now we’re both on budgets so I suggested we try out a new thrift store in Westland as our first stop. He agrees and as we leave lunch we see a used sporting goods store in the same plaza and they have bikes in front. Well hell,maybe the bike  hunt is over before it even starts,right?
No such luck as they were all kids bikes and they looked janky as hell….several had rust showing on them as well. So that was a bad start but we headed to the thrift store…it was housed in a old Toys R Us store and it was huge.
We headed back to where the sporting goods section was and to our disappintment,not a single bike!! Thrift stores are a good place to find bikes,of course you have to really check out the shape the bike is in….but finding absolutely zero was pretty surprising.
But they had a nice book and film section so it wasn’t a complete waste. We then went to Target but their prices were probably higher then we wanted to pay but we still went in.
We walked past the toys and turned the corner to a empty bike rack,well there was one but an employee was taking it up from,Target had zero bikes. Now this shit was getting weird,Romey had checked Walmart online and had found only two adult bikes in Saline which is about 25-30 miles from us.
I don’t think this is a random event,the supply chains must be more broken then we are being told.  When the contactor who fixed my garage went to get the materials for the job,he said would be back in 30 minutes,he was gone for 60. He couldn’t find the lumber he was looking for and the materials that he did find had risen sharply in price. He had lined up a deck build for him and his worker while his lawn business was slow due to the warm temps we have had lately. He was very concerned that he might lose the job because he wasn’t able to find the wood he neeeded and at the price he factored in his bid. I told him that prices always rise during a natural disaster but because people only think of earthquakes,twisters and hurricanes as natural disasters and don’t see pandemics as falling into that list but that is proving to be untrue.
So I will be back on the hunt this week after I go get an eye exam,my glasses need to be replaced and its time for me to do so.
I suppose this entry is dry as toast but I felt like writing tonight and this is what I came up with with….

Shout outs

Mike and Erik – congrats on the new bromance and have fun in San Diego!
Dan Dolzall – thanks for the encouragement and the camera tip!
Brian S. – Thank you for the podcast invite,looking forward to meeting you.
Rose – I only found ONE book at the thrift store!! ugh!!
Sean Cain – The cheetah and I are watching “Dead By Dawn” this weekend
Cheryl – Sorry about Autumn,she was a fun kitty.
Kyle Hester – Where is my interview?


4 thoughts on “Catfish and Porkchop – “Bike Hunters”

  1. Sounds like a typical afternoon here in Burbank. I feel ya.
    Reminders every day that this thing isn’t over….not by a long shot. Scary.

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