Have Cheetah,Will View #453 – “Pamela & Ivy” (2020)

Its 2:40 pm

I got an email from our friend Christa who knows the cheetah and I are big fanboys. She said she had a short film made by writer/director Leah McKendrick that shows the origin of Poison Ivy,one of the most famous of Batman’s supervillains.
Well Christa knows us really well and soon the cheetah and I were engrossed in this 17 minute short film.
Now while I know Dr. Pamela Isley is Poison Ivy and she first appeared in the Batman‘s books in 1966. She is always portrayed as a sultry but brilliant arch-villain who controls all plant life and she injected herself with various plant life into her body in order to control and master those plants to do her bidding.

    While Batman has always been pretty immune to Poison Ivy’s charms,she has always had more luck with the various Robins that have been paired with Batman. Either with her sexuality or aided by the various plants that she used to get her way,Poison Ivy has slowly become more important in Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery.
In the past 15-20 years DC Comics has paired Poison Ivy with Harley Quinn whenever The Joker was locked up or was on the outs with Harley. After the utterly garbage that was “Batman and Robin” which saw Uma Thurman play Ivy,the character needed to be refreshed and pairing her with Ivy was a smart idea.
The first time I saw this pairing was on “Static Shock” and I thought pairing Ivy and Harley was inspired and so much fun.
When I went to look at Poison Ivy’s DC’s origin and was surprised by how there really isn’t a well defined one,it made “Pamela & Ivy” MUCH more impactful and gave this look at Ivy’s origin a sense of possibilty.

The acting in “Pamela & Ivy” is really strong and features Eric Roberts giving a truly strong performance as the linchpin to Pamela’s becoming Poison Ivy.  We see young Pamela starting to be shaped by a terrible crime and the fallout of it.
We meet up with Pamela when she is in college and falls under the sway of a professor with questionable ethics and Pamela’s evolution continues rather painfully.
We see the results of both young Pamela and older young adult Pamela meet in a most unexpected way and soon Gotham City will see as well……


I loved this take on Poison Ivy and it felt canon,which is the highest praise I can give it. Leah McKendrick did her homework here and it really shows,her Ivy is tragic,edgy and strong. It made perfect sense that not only did Leah write and directed her film but also starred in it as adult Poison Ivy and she looks great.  I also thought the actress who plays Pamela as a child,Aria Lyric Leabu was also outstanding and she reminded me of watching Ella Ballentine for the first time.

I found her choice to play portray Ivy as a bit of a anti-heroine refreshing as well,especially considering how Poison Ivy has been portrayed in comics and films as more of a seductress then a true archvillain with fearsome abilities. Showing Ivy with a bit of Selina Kyle tossed in isn’t such a bad idea.

“Pamela & Ivy” looks amazing on camera as well,the special effects and CGI are not your usual short film quality,they are much more impressive,McKendrick and producer Mariah Owen spared no expense in making “Pamela & Ivy” look polished and ready for the next step.
Warner Brothers,I hope you’re paying attention…..

“Pamela &Ivy” has a run time of 16:30 and should be considered a PG-13 rating.  You can visit the film’s website by clicking here and checking out various pictures and info from Leah and Mariah.

Let us know what you think of “Pamela & Ivy” and drop a comment below.

5 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #453 – “Pamela & Ivy” (2020)

    1. Leah picked the perfect character to do a origin story on because Poison Ivy never really had one when she was introduced in 1966. Her take is just as real and canon as anyone’s elses and I liked it quite a bit. Definitely making our “Best of 2020” list.

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