Have Cheetah,Will View #455 – “Teen Titans: The Complete Series” (2003)

Its 9:33 pm
warm/muggy/Teen Titans Go!!

So I have been looking at “Teen Titans” sitting on my desk for MONTHS,I daresay I recieved it from our good friend and deep cover asset “MP” from Warner Brothers Archive before the pandemic hit. 
   I have reviewed a lot of different films,TV series and even animated fare while the Titans have sat here and tried to figure out why I hadn’t reviewed them yet. 

  Now if you haven’t figured out that I’m a broken all over and slightly strange dude by now,well let this be that introduction to you. I honestly can’t tell you why I blocked out doing this excellent series because I really do love it and highly recommend it. 
  But that being said,both the cheetah and Catfish (my fellow fanboy blogger) both have been on my ass to do this review and I wholeheartedly agree. So I decided to do something brand new to me and that is record my review and upload it on my new YouTube Channel. “Teen Titans” is my first spoken review and I know its probably going to sound rushed and have myself tripping over myself is doing said review. I promise,the videos will get better as I gain experience.

  I do hope you’ll support it as it a new medium for us. This will be a rare event as I enjoy writing my reviews very and I will continue to do them here on the blog.We are writers at heart and enjoy (and need to) writing on the various things we watch. 

  Teen Titans ran from 2003 to 2006 and lasted 5 seasons which consisted of 65 episodes plus one TV movie,”Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo”.
  Special features include the theme song by Puffy AmiYumi and a “lost” episode. There are several featurettes including the making of the series. 
   While this is a animated cartoon,its not intended for young children and should considered a “PG” rating. 
  You can get “Teen Titans” by going to the website of Warner Bros. Archives

The cheetah and I both loved this series and we give it two thumbs and 4 paws straight up.  If you listen to the review,please considering subbing to our channel,thank you!!

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