Have Cheetah,Will View #457 – “The Jungle Of Accounting” (2020)

Its 2:22 pm

The cheetah and I have noticed that our email box has been getting pretty busy of late and what had a 3-4 times a week check to see any new business has turned into a daily event.  I think a lot of people have sort of bypassed using email but not us,we still rely on it quite often as that is where we get the majority of our short films from.
Of course this means we must have gotten a new film from the mighty Timothy J. Cox and we are ALWAYS happy to see that because it means we’re in for some quality entertainment.


The story is quite simple,George and Maryanne Bailey share their neverending quest to hire a good assistant for their accounting firm.
In doing so,they tell the stories of three assistants during the 1980s.
The film is shot mockumentary style that features Ray Bergen and Kathy McCort as the older Baileys while Timothy J. Cox and Colleen Sproull play the younger versions of the couple.
The film features a fun 1950s sci-fi score while a narrator tells the stories of the three (crazy) assistants who almost wrecked the Bailey’s business.

Written and directed by Chase Pearson,this is a charming little comedy that if had a longer run time then its 11 minutes,could have easily added some darker shades to its story and still retained its laughs. While “Jungle” is only Pearson’s 2nd shot,he writing is sharp and clever and how he scored his film marks him as a director to keep an eye out for.
While the cast is all solid,once again Cox steals the show,a scene where George is stuffing his mouth with mints had me laughing so hard. Its high time that someone,anyone give Timothy Cox a part in a feature film and let him showcase just how good he really is.


“The Jungle Of Accounting” has a run time of 11 minutes and there is some salty language.
The cheetah and I enjoyed this short very much and gave it a thumbs/paw straight up.

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