Have Cheetah,Will View #461 – “Lilitu” (2015)

Its 2:55 pm

I stumbled across “Lilitu” while doing some prep work for a new “8 Questions with….”interview with actress Johanna Rae. She had listed this short on her website and so being curious,I decided to take a look “Lilitu”.

The film opens up with a young woman (Rae) sleeping and who is being watched/guarded by a priest named Ben (Greg Travis). The woman,Jamie,is a psychic who can astral project herself out of her body and who the priest has asked help from.

While Jamie has this incredible power,she is also terrified of it. But she agrees to help Ben. She lays down on a couch and goes into a deep sleep. Soon she stands up and starts walking,while it appears Jamie is sleepwalking,she has left her body and is in a forest. Ben keeps asking her questions of where she is at and she tells him what she is seeing.
Jamie finds herself scared out of her mind and prompted by Ben,goes deeper into the forest where she sees an unspeakble evil whom Ben knows all too well……Lilitu. Will Jamie be able to escape Lilitu and just what is the connection between this priest and demoness?

  I loved this film,”LILITU” is everything good about a horror story.
Great characters,an extremely strong villainess,strong acting,smart use of SFX and a really good story. What makes “LILITU” more impressive is that its only a little more then 9 minutes long but has more emotion and thrills then a 90 minute feature.
The credit belongs to writer/director Richard “Rico” Lowry,he has crafted a really good and terrifying story here and the strong acting of both Rae and Travis allow the story to sparkle.

The surprise is Rae as Jamie. There is something really appealing when a really beautiful actress or handsome actor isn’t afraid of getting their hands (and faces )dirty or go without make-up. In “LILITU”,Rae does both and it helps to show just how normal Jamie is. While Jamie knows what her gift is,she is scared to use it and she has zero qualms about letting Ben know it. Her being so scared really elevated the tension but she also shows great courage in facing the unknown terror she is about to face.
Greg Travis as the priest Ben is also very good. Ben is shown as a driven man and willing to to use anything and anyone is his quest to hunt down Lilitu and its that desire that has almost cost him his humanity but as a viewer,you’re really rooting for him to find it before another innocent is taken by Lilitu.

Lowry is no new newcomer,he has directed over 23 films in his career and knows his way around a story. While “LILITU” does have a bit of a “pitch” feel to it,it does work as a stand alone film as well. The camera work is solid and the muted colors added depth,we are not in a pleasant place,the forest should feel grey and gloomy as should Jamie and Ben.  The creature looks good and reminded me a little of the succubbus in “SiREN”.
All in all,”LILITU” is a very made and scary little film that should be seen,one hopes Lowry will take us back into her world soon.



The cheetah and I gave “LILITU” a big thumbs/paw straight up.
Look for our interview with Johanna Rae coming soon.

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5 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #461 – “Lilitu” (2015)

  1. Johanna Rae is very good. The priest is not bad either. He gives off this fetid vibe–I don’t know if it’s purposeful–so you believe that he could be involved in something horrific. This micro film is very well done. I’d like to see more from Rae and the director.

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  2. That was a scary 9-minute ride! The woman at the end was frightening. I won’t say how in case someone wants to watch the film but has not yet. Good acting and music. The clock ticking was eerie too. Well filmed and directed.

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