Wild Eye Week is coming September 6th!!!

Its 6:44 am

As many of my regualr readers know,Paladin and I watch and review films from Wild Eye Releasing. We got our start through our pal Dan from Reject Filmz who also started reviewing them.
I sent a email and asked if we could review a few titles and soon we got a huge box of Wild Eye goodness. As of this post,we have reviewed around 27 films from Wild Eye. Some have been outstanding,some not so good,some we discovered some outstanding talent and even interviewed some of the actors in some of the films.

I enjoy the easy going banter between the Wild Eye front office staff,we have had some both silly and also serious discussions about independent film making. I have learned a lot from this discussions as well as seeing some fine films.
Now Wild Eye isn’t a proper studio,they don’t produce films. What do they do is actually more important to the independent horror/sci-fi fiilmmaker. (I stand corrected,Wild Eyes DOES produce a few films every year.)
What Wild Eye does is distribute the films in various locations,they are able to place thier films in places no indie filmmaker can. Places like their website,big chains like Walmart and video stores like Family Video. Family Video is where I first found out about the craziness of Wild Eye when I bought “Zombies Vs. Bigfoot” (and passed it along to my pal Catfish.)
Wild Eye’s guidelines are pretty simple…your film has to be 70 minutes plus in order to be considered for distributed. Now while I’m sure not every film is picked up,I am sure the rate is about 50% (there are a LOT of filmmakers,especially horror filmmakers out there).

Wild Eye has also expanded its vision as it has also started putting out great documentaries and for the gore fans out there,it has started its “Raw and Extreme”line where filmmakers can push the limits in the stories they tell.
While I at first thought Dan and I were the biggest Wild Eye fans,I found out I was sorely mistaken. There is a growing number of horror fans who LOVE these movies and have been reviewing them far longer then I realized. There reviewers are on YouTube and I first came such a reviewer called Horrific Nightmares JM. Hosted by horror master Jason,he puts out Wild Eye Wednesdays where he will review a Wild Eye film. His reviews are fun,insightful and honest.

It was through Jason that I met a small but very close knit of fans who also love Wild Eye films. So much that a fan in Colorado named Brad,who along with Jason and their friends Dave Maggot and Joe the Horrorman,host a live chat every Friday called Super Slash Brothers on YouTube,decided to host a Wild Eye Week which is running from 6 September – 12 September. Brad,Jason and a whole slew of other Wild Eye fans are going to be posting a new review of a Wild Eye film for an entire week.
While the cheetah and I can’t do that ourselves,we are posting a new Wild Eye review and also chipping in with this entry.
As part of promoting this week,I’m going to post the channels who are taking part of Wild Eye Week. I hope you’ll take look at their content,subscribe to their channels and enjoy the first Wild Eye Week.

Please note that some of the channels feature spicy language so they are NSFW.

The host of the first Wild Eye Week is Brad whose channel “BroncoJuggalo Talks Movies” covers all things horror with some music and football tossed in. He is also one of the Super Slash Brothers. They have a Twitter and you can follow the Super Slash Bros.

Next up is Jason whose channel,”Horrific Nightmares JM” features two of my very favorite segments,Wild Eye Wednesday and “What’s In The Bag Jay?” in which Jason selects 6 unseen films from his library,puts the names of the six film in a bag and draws two films to review. He then watches both films and gives a review for each.  It’s a great segment and one I look forward too. 

The HORRORman not only is a member of the Super Slash Bros,he too has come up with a segment that allows anyone to partake of and that is Slashback Saturdays where Joe will pick out a slasher theme topic and viewers create posts in response.
The hook is that you have to the film you are talking about in your collection. Its an inventive way to showcase both your film library but also discover new movies you may have never heard of. 

Next up is one of my favorite channels and also one of the nicest guys I have met on YouTube and that is Hobbs Horror.
Not only is Hobbs a fellow Family Video fan,he films his FV hauls as well. He also does a Wild Eye Wednesday review segment that is awfully fun and he even dedicated his review of “Ouija Shark” to the cheetah and myself. We’re praying he doesn’t do that with “Amityville Island” as well……

The Q’s Reviews is also doing Wild Eye Week and if his Wild Eye reviews are anything like his recent Shark Week series was,you’ll definitely will want to take a look at what Quentin is going to bring to the table. Not only does Q have good content,he is very supportive in the YouTube horror community. You need to check The Q’s Reviews out….

Next up is Tim aka Horrordvddevil333.  Tim is also a big Wild Eye fan and he is the only fanboy I know who dared to attempt reviewing perhaps the worst movie ever in “The Incredible Bulk”. Tim has started his own Wild Eye Wednesday series on his channel. It will be interesting to see which films he’ll be talking about. 

Dave Maggot not only is a huge fan of horror and one of the hosts of Super Slasher Bros. Friday night chats,he is also a filmmaker himself. Despite the name,Dave is a very chill and his haul videos are salty but also very funny. Dave is also a huge Wild Eye fan and you can see his week of review by visiting his channel. 

Last but certainly not least is The HorrorFreak85 2.0,he too is joining Wild Eye Week. HorrorFreak also does Wild Eye Wednesday reviews,in fact he just dropped a review of the cheetah and my second favorite Wild Eye film,”CarousHELL” which features our favorite pocessed unicorn Duke who was voiced by Steve Rimpici..
   He recently had to restart his channel due to a YouTube glitch so while you’re checking out HF85 2.0’s channel…also hit that subscribe button and leave a comment saying “The cheetah sent me”.

I really hope you’ll come by and support this effort by some of the most dedicated fans of our favorite place for independent horror,the mighty Wild Eye Releasing. You’ll also meet some of the nicest folks in YouTube horror community as well.  Hope to see you in September!! 

You can follow the cheetah and me on YouTube as well. 












4 thoughts on “Wild Eye Week is coming September 6th!!!

    1. Agreed,there are a lot of really nice guys doing this. I can’t wait to see what movies they are reviewing. It wasn’t until I was writing this that I realized I had reviewed 27 myself. But they have put out some really fun films….

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