8 Questions with……..Josh Hobbs of Hobbs Horror

Its 12:18 pm sunny Welcome to 8 Questions with……    My quest to draw new readers to the blog has seen the cheetah and I invade both InstaGram and YouTube. We started a IG page and created a YouTube channel. In doing this,I have met some very nice people in the YouTube horror community. Many […]

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Belly Button Blues,part 2

Its 9:20 pm coolish So I’m following up to what happened after I went to the doctor (first time in 9 years in my case,but I saw enough doctors between 2010-13 to last 10 lifetimes) for a bleeding belly button. I recieved some antibiotics and started to take them. I was told to put some […]

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Wild Eye Unboxing

Its 10:50 am    Just wanted to share this small unboxing video from Wild Eye Releasing. I recently shared with you all about the cool Wild Eye Week that a group of horror fans put together on YouTube. I don’t really have the tech to put together something like 7 filmed reviews that  but was […]

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Its 10:44 am sunny I have started a YouTube Channel and am slowly working my way into learning how to post. I post the following video after I came home from my doctor’s visit. I had a real nice chat with my friend Will (whose guest blog about romantic-comedies can found here) as we caught […]

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