Belly Button Blues

Its 3:12 pm
feeling weird

About a month or so ago while I was taking a shower,I saw something very weird. I saw two bright droplets of blood come from my belly button and fall into the tub. At first I thought I had cut myself with a fingernail as I was taking said shower.
But my nails were too short and I didn’t have an hangnail. I rinsed out the area and since it didn’t happen again,I shrugged it off.
But when it happened again,I got very perplexed,I had never heard of a man bleeding from his belly button before and so I hot the interwebs to see what could be the issue and the all the signs point towards a hernia.
But the weird thing is that I haven’t been lifting anything heavy in the slightest,our gyms are closed and I have no weights here at the house.
It could be an infection but that is caused by poor hyiene but considering I shower 5 times a week,I find that to be unlikely (but I hope it is,I mean I can handle that).
It slowly has gotten worse so I have made an doctor’s appointment for this Friday to see what the hell is going on…..whatever it is,its something that isn’t seen a lot. I am taking a wild ass guess on that because when the receptionist asked what was going on and I told her,she seem pretty surprised but not as surprised as I was when I first saw those droplets plunk into my tub.
So this Friday morning at about 9:20 am EST,say a little prayer for me. And since I’m going to have to be there,I think I better have another test that I’m way overdue for.
As I type this out I realize its been 9 years since I have seen a doctor outside my dentist and getting new peepers. But this way overdue and I know it.
Okay,I just had to write this out and after my appointment,I will post a update. Not the most exciting news to be sure of but such is life,right?

One thought on “Belly Button Blues

  1. Life happens. Not sure what that can be but you are doing the right thing having it checked out. The web is seldom helpful for a medical issue. I’ve got fingers and toes crossed. Give the Doc an apple and tell him you’ll check in again in another 9 years.

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