Have Cheetah,Will View #467 – “The Dead Ones” (2019)

Its 7:02 am

Went to get the mail yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see that Artsploitation Films had sent the cheetah and I another movie to watch. Of course seeing the title,”The Dead Ones” and coming off “Dead Dicks“,we were wondering if Artsploitation Film was trying to tell us something. But in looking at the BluRay cover and reading the back of the case,I did see one thing that “Dead Dicks” and “The Dead Ones” have in common and that they are covering some very tough topics in very unique ways.
I slid in the disc and grabbed the remote and away we went…..

The film opens up with a van driving alone through a surreal background. It is being driven by a teacher (Clare Kramer) and carrying four students, Alice (Sarah Rose Harper) who goes by Mouse,Scottie (Brandon Thane Wilson),Emily (Katie Foster) and Louis (Torey Garza).
The van pulls up at the school,it’s dark outside as the teacher,Ms. Persephone,leads the students into school telling them they need to clean up the mess they have caused. She mentions she’ll be in her office.
The students look around at the completely wrecked hallways,they really have no idea where to start and they split into pairs,the girls go one way and the boys another.

While they are puttering around,a group of 4 masked figures rush onto the school,they proceed to lock the doors,windows and head to the roof.
Back below the four are talking among themselves about their lives,Emily has mental health issues and has gone off her meds,Scottie is spooked because he is hearing noises outside and wants to confront what is out there,Louis wants to hook up with his girlfriend Emily in the bathroom and makes her way to see Ms. Persephone.
Outside,the four intruders,dressed all in black,don masks of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse,open bags full of weapons and enter the school……


   Okay,that was a really short synopis for “The Dead Ones”but director Jeremy Kasten and writer Zach Chassier isn’t looking for a mystery or suspense,they are looking for a knock-out and they have achieved it here. You know within 5 minutes what is going on but like those classic Columbo TV shows,its the “how we got here” that is the hook of “The Dead Ones”.
What exactly led our four Horsemen to go on a horrific rampage that ended with them shooting up their school. This is a very hard watch because while Kasten and his terrific cast,especially Harper,give voices and faces to these students and lists their reasons,they go out the door with the first trigger pulled.

  While you feel sorry for their being bullied and tormented and yes,you do,resorting to shooting up their school isn’t justified for a nano second. Kasten is smart is just letting his camera tell the story,he isn’t on anyone’s side here. “The Dead Ones”,which took Kasten 11 years to bring to the screen is powerful filmaking at it’s best.

Adding a supernatural element into mix is also very effective and mixing real life with the spiritual fallout provides a very unique twist to the story. Being given a chance to stop the chaos you started doesn’t and shouldn’t automatically be seen as “redemption”as one character seeks to find. The fact she helped planned the attack and allowed people to be killed should have earned her a one way ticket to hell,no matter what she did after the shootings started. You just can’t allow a character that kind of second chance,at least not to us.

The only question that had the cheetah and me baffled was why was Ms. Persephone there,she was killed in the attack and was a innocent victim. It is the one slight misstep in Kasten’s story.
But that is a minor bump and I applaud Kasten’s very long journey to get “The Dead Ones”made. 11 years is an extraordinary amount of time to get a film with this weight made,I would have loved to see the film pitches to various financial backers. “So yeah,we’re making a very realistic school shooting movie but we’re adding in ghosts”. But Jeremy Kasten and his fine cast have made an important film that takes a hard look at a continuing issue in America. But if he wanted to have a wee more bit of an impact,he needed a much bigger van to hold all the shooters who gone on sprees and that is a truly horror show in itself.

“The Dead Ones” has a run time of 73 minutes and features two different commentaries with cast and crew. It has a make-up featurette. The film is not rated but I would give it a “R” rating.

The cheetah and I gave “The Dead Ones” two thumbs/4 paws straight up,this is one of the best films we have seen this year and one of the most important as well.
You can buy a copy “The Dead One” by going to the Artsploitation Films website.













7 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #467 – “The Dead Ones” (2019)

  1. Wow, 11 years? That’s dedication. I mean, Thelma and Louise was circulating for that long, about 10 years, but just circulating on its own. I don’t think the writer was out there pitching it for 10 years.
    At any rate, the school shooting stuff…that IS a topic it seems like nobody has really don’t anything substantial about. Maybe the fact that the NRA is in trouble now will help the future of kids in schools–and innocent people in other places–getting mowed down by those who never should have had guns in the first place. And/or especially rapid-fire weapons. What does a regular person need with rapid-fire weaponry?

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    1. Well as many,many shootings have proven semi-automatics can be converted to fully automatic assault rifles…and no one (including the cops) outside the armed forces needs a semi-automatic /automatic weapon. But you know domestic terrorists don’t care about the damage they cause….they just want to enjoy the thrill of killing someone,anyone.

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  2. Great review 🙂 Have not seen it yet, but given the way the trailer plays out, the supernatural elements of it remind me of the shooter game The Suffering from 2004. Look it up If you find that interesting 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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