Its 10:44 am

I have started a YouTube Channel and am slowly working my way into learning how to post. I post the following video after I came home from my doctor’s visit.
I had a real nice chat with my friend Will (whose guest blog about romantic-comedies can found here) as we caught up with what has been going on in our country.
I told him I was going to send him a picture of films that I have in my basement but couldn’t tell you what they were about because while I watched them,I never saw them. I used them as white noise after Lori Ann passed away and I couldn’t handle (and still can’t) a silent house.
But as I was prepping a laundry load,the cheetah came to keep me company and I made a small video instead. It’s only around six minutes or so and there is a lot of cheetah activity as well as a glimpse at another life I had before meeting Lori Ann.



I hope you like the video and if you do,please drop a comment below or better yet,subscribe to the channel and hit the bell.

10 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Hey, Michael. Looks like you’re getting the podcast thing down, or the beginnings thereof. So sorry to hear about the doctor’s report–well, half of it, like you said. I’ll be praying for you. I know that stuff is scary. And that it brings up a lot of painful stuff.
    So you’ve got quite the treasure trove. Lot’s of stuff for you to report on. Paladin is a good looking boy.

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    1. Thanks Pam……it felt strange and does feel strange doing videos. Of course it helps when Paladin starts hamming it up. It wasn’t until I played the video back that I noticed he ate that spider…..Our weather is starting to change,he has been looking for his blanket on the bed.
      I was caught totally off guard by my emotions when I had my blood drawn,I wasn’t expecting that but I have been edgy the past couple of weeks.

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  2. Great post 🙂 Your cat (Cheetah) is so cute 🙂 Along with Pam, I too am praying that everything goes swell for you given that you had your blood drawn due to something that might be causing a problem for you physically based on the way you say it in the video. I pray that everything goes well for you because you deserve the best 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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  3. I love your basement and collection too. And the video, AND seeing the Cheetah in action.
    Sending more positive mojo your way, M! 🙂

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    1. I didn’t realize until I watched the playback that Paladin ate that spider…..why cats do that is one of biggest mysteries…..and I really want to organize my collection,I only have my IFC films in any kind of order.

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    1. I have them loosely organized,the watched,blurays,TV series,documentaries and the to watch list. But I would like to organized alphabetically one day….I have most of the movies listed on Letterboxd so that sort of helps when I’m hunting.


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