Wild Eye Unboxing

Its 10:50 am

   Just wanted to share this small unboxing video from Wild Eye Releasing.
I recently shared with you all about the cool Wild Eye Week that a group of horror fans put together on YouTube. I don’t really have the tech to put together something like 7 filmed reviews that  but was happy to help spread the word here on the blog.
In this video,I am showing two films that Wild Eye was kind enough to send me.
Both are horror films from the United Kingdom and someof you know how much I enjoy watching British horror films and have discovered some excellent actors and films from the UK.
The first film is “Clownface” and this is the second clown film we have received this year,the first being “Clown Fear” of which we interviewed actress Courtney Akbar and film Minh Collins. Clown horror is perhaps the hottest sub-genre in horror today as I have seen DOZENS of various clown titles while out and about.
I haven’t reviewed any clown films but the cheetah and I are about to change that very soon.


  But its the second film that I am really excited about,”The House On Cuckoo Lane”. One of the biggest supporters of Wild Eye with over 125 films in his collection,Joe The Horrorman,did a review on his YouTube Channel and basically said this was the best Wild Eye film he had watched. Now considering some of the excellent films that we have reviewed here on the blog,that was saying a LOT about how good “Cuckoo Lane” is supposed to be.
Between Joe’s review,the crazy wicked cover on the DVD and a plot that brings to mind a classic John Carpenter episode of “Masters Of Horror”,I just had to reach out and request a copy of “Cuckoo Lane”. Now as a rule,I never ask for specific titles from Wild Eye (The VelociPastor being the exception) because I like being surprised with what is being sent to us.
So here is my small video along with an guest appearence from Paladin the cheetah as a added bonus.
Please consider subscribing to our channel,besides film reviews and haul videos,I have shared a few videos of the mighty Paladin as well. Just hit the subscribe button and the bell. We’re going to try to reach 100 subs by Halloween but we need your help.

4 thoughts on “Wild Eye Unboxing

  1. Great post 🙂 I sure hope you get the results back soon on your blood test. Me and everybody who comes here is hoping that you end up well. Neat display of that Wild Eye DVD set and on the topic of Masters of Horror, are you referring to the first of the two episodes John Carpenter directed for the series. In this case, it would be 2005’s Cigarette Burns? 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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    1. I was indeed referring to Cigarette Burn’s directed by Caarpenter,that was my favorite episode and the one that stuck with me. I only have three episodes of “Masters Of Horror” and I’m always looking for more episodes.

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