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Welcome to 8 Questions with……

   My quest to draw new readers to the blog has seen the cheetah and I invade both InstaGram and YouTube. We started a IG page and created a YouTube channel. In doing this,I have met some very nice people in the YouTube horror community. Many of them have quickly become good friends as they shown support and suggestions as I fumble my way into new territory.
One of the first to really reach out is our guest,Josh Hobbs of the YouTube channel Hobbs Horror. I found Josh through a YouTuber I have mentioned before,Jason from Horrorific Nightmares JM. Not only does Josh know his horror,he is also a big fan of Family Video and posts videos of his trips to his store.
He also posts a very interesting series explaining what “Van Life” is. He has converted his car into a fully working mini RV and does small urban camping trips around his area.
  October is the biggest month for horror fans and for Josh,its no different.  He is hosting a massive trivia contest on his Hobbs Horror channel with over 20 prizes up for grabs. He is also on a drive to reach 1,000 subscribers of which you can help him reach simply by visiting his channel and subscribing.
I’m really happy to have you all meet my new friend and all around good guy Josh Hobbs as he answers his 8 Questions…..


Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Thanks for reaching out to me! My name is Josh Hobbs aka”Hobbs Horror“! To give you some background,I have been watching horror movies since I was six years old! I was born April 19 1982, so I got started very young and have not stopped since! I use to watch horror with both of my parents before tragically losing both them BOTH before i was 9 years old. Now I currently collect,review and still obsess over horror and Halloween more then ever and I express that on various outlets most popularly on my YouTube channel,Hobbs Horror

How have you been dealing with the pandemic in your part of the world?

The pandemic has not affected my work life, but has affected my con life as I love to attend horror conventions,I have better hopes for 2021 for being able to attend them once again.


What led you to start your YouTube Channel “Hobbs Horror“?

I started my YouTube channel Nov 16, 2014 as I uploaded my first video! I was hoping to display my collection and meet various collectors which I did and was blown away by! I never knew the world had so many horror lovers such as myself.


What was the first horror movie you watched and what was the first horror movie to scare you?

The first horror movie I watched was “A Nightmare on Elm Street”! Which scared me to death, as I truly thought Freddy Krueger was a real man! I was convinced of that for a long time – right up untill I met Robert Englund at a convention lol! Such a good guy,what a pleasure to meet him!


In your opinion,is horror more frightening visually or in words? 
Who is your favorite horror film director and them special?

I think horror films are more frightening visually, but for some can also be scary with words! That being said,my favorite horror director was Wes Craven. I think his focus of character development and scares always made his movies stand out and brought fresh takes to the genre in the 80s and also in the 90s with “Scream”.

How do you come up with content for your channel? Has it been easy to come up with ideas?

I try to bring fun to my content and to also express honest opinions. I have a care free attitude and also give collection updates and run contests. Yet also consider myself a big brother to the community always here for my fellow horror family in need! (I have seen this first hand -edit)
 I also try to bring unique Halloween concepts year round to keep the spirit of Samhain alive! I haven’t had any issue as far as it being difficult as I love YouTube and the horror community.



Which three YouTube channels do you enjoy the most and what makes them worth watching?

I have to say I watch a lot of channels on YouTube and they are all amazing! To name a few, I will put TheHorrorman , Horrific Nightmares JM, BroncoJuggalo Talks Movies,Sean Blu Digital,Dave Maggot and terror4tom! All are some of my favorite channels! They all give honest thoughts and I see alot of myself in each of their channels.

What and who are the five most underrated horror films/actors/directors working today?

Five underrated horror movies:

Triggered (Wild Eye)

Night Howl(Wild Eye)

Ouija Room(Henrique Cuoto)

The Lurker

Groundhog(Dave Maggot)

Five underrated actors

Meredith Mohler (Triggered)

Erin Ryan(Ouija Room)

Bill Moseley

Danielle Harris

Ken Foree

All deserve more quality roles

Top 5 underrated directors

Dave McDonough (Groundhog)

Henrique Cuoto(Ouija Room)

Adam Green(Hatchet)

Ti West(House of the Devil)

Michael Pritt(Are We The Waiting)

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working or making fresh content for your channel?

You can find me car camping,outdoors camping,watching sports, working my 9-5, or thrifting for vintage Halloween or collectibles…..when I am not on the Tube!

What advice would you give to someone just starting out on YouTube?

Perfect advice I have for a new YouTuber would to be patient! Don’t worrry about getting 100 subs a day. Have fun as the subs will come. Also to be respectful and comment back, watch other channels and return the love – with that we will all grow!

I like to thank Josh for taking the time to do this interview with me. I had a blast putting this together and if you click on his Wild Eye Wednesday,you might be entertained to see who popped up in the video. 
 When you drop by Josh’s channel and subscribe,tell ’em the Cheetah sent you!!

If you’re new to the blog and my “8 Questions with…..”interviews,you can read over 110 different interviews by clicking here.

Feel free to leave a comment down below!

8 thoughts on “8 Questions with……..Josh Hobbs of Hobbs Horror

    1. I’m cheating,I am editing using the old classic editor. I did figure the new picture options finally. I hope you subbed to Josh,his Halloween contest sounds like a lot of fun!!


  1. Great interview 🙂 I was especially to see Josh Hobbs praise Ken Foree (1978’s Dawn of the Dead and 1986’s From Beyond) as an underrated horror actor. Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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    1. Thanks John….Hobbs is a great guy and I do hope you subbed to his channel as he does a lot of fun videos. I think you would watching his content. Ken Foree is very underrated….I really need to get a copy of “Dawn Of The Dead”. I saw it when it came out,its the only film that I had to have my mom give permission to the theater to let me watch it.

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