Have Cheetah,Will Read #5 – Whitney Cummings “I’m Fine….And Other Lies”(2017)

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  I was doing a Dollar Tree film sale run a couple of months back and after I had picked through the movies,I went shopping in the store. As a rule of thumb,I always try and get a couple bags of Temptation cheetah treats for Paladin. I also look at the books as well. Now normally the books at my Dollar Tree are very well stocked and has a good selection of various genres. Non fiction and biographies are also plentiful as well.
But lately the pickings has been pretty slim,I think a lot of folks are buying up the books because the libraries are closed and they are looking for reading materials. It doesn’t take long for the shelves to be depleted from books…but I got lucky and found comedian Whitney Cumming’s biography “I’m Fine…..And Other Lies” and picked it up.
Now here is the thing,I only know Whitney Cummings because she was a creator of the TV show “2 Broke Girls”of which I have a few seasons of. I have never watched her do a stand-up set or watched her in any other TV shows or Comedy Central roasts. When I picked up her book,I was expecting the usual tale of a comic slowly making her way up through the ranks and it being tougher then normal because she was an attractive woman.

Then after paying her dues,she created a massive hit show on TV and her star has shone brightly ever since. Not sounding jaded or cynical but its pretty much how a lot of these stars bio go. They share just enough to keep you going but (and rightly so) they ain’t going to showcase every nasty thing,or heartbreak or times they have bombed.
Well,Whitney sure said “Fuck that” because she shares her entire life and after I finished reading “I’m Fine…..”,I found myself saying “she is full of shit because NO ONE short of Job has suffered so much…or she is one of the saddest humans I have ever heard about and yeah,I’m including myself in there”.
I have read many of books were the person is or has or failed but is still trying to overcome a central major issue in the lives. They’ll break their life down,explain how they ended there,decided to overcome it and charge up that mountain to plant that flag in the dirt and proclaim their greatness. Of course they also forget to mention that they had a army of support and could afford to get if not the best help money could buy,at least have health insurance.

But in “I’m Fine…and Other Lies”,take that premise and go hard 10x as much. I’m going to be honest here,its a damn miracle that she is still living with all that has befallen her,abusive boyfriends (<—plural),severe eating disorder,botched plastic surgery to fix her health issues brought on by her severe eating disorder,being attacked by her pitbull and almost losing her ear and in reality,her life. She grew up in an abusive home where her self-esteem was so flattened,you could ice skate on it. Add in the many hopeless times she sought out help for her massive mental and physical and got bounced around like a pinball. This included the botched surgery she had. She saw so many therapists and quacks who all promised her the answers,she even got violently ill after take a herb that was toxic.
Whitney Cumming’s book is one of the most depressing and saddest books I have ever read. She includes 10 chapters in which she writes about her own self-destructive actions and then attempts to share what she has done to overcome them and offering these tips to the reader. Listen,if a normal human even had 5 of the issues that Cummings says she had,they’re either taking a swan dive off a bridge,playing in traffic or becoming a NRA member…..in other words,going batshit crazy.
While I can respect Cummings to being brave enough to share her emotional and mental issues with the average person,trying to push some self-help “tips” at the end of the chapter isn’t wise. I think I rather see you be normal for about 10 years before I take any advice from you on a personal level.
After reading this book,I will this,Whitney is a good person,she has a very soft heart and she is very well intentioned. How she is a stand-up comic with the far above average shit most comics carry is amazing,I mean,how can anyone with all that baggage be able to poke fun at anything or anyone. I think if everyone read “I’m Fine….and Other Lies”,they would never heckle Whitney and instead would just want to hug her and tell her to be good to herself. I say this because that is exactly how I felt after reading it,for a stand-up comic,she is the saddest person I have ever read about.
This book was published in 2017 so here is hoping Whitney is in a much better place in 2020.

“I’m Fine…..and Other Lies” is 275 pages long and was published by Putnam Books.

The cheetah and I gave this book a thumbs/paw straight up.

6 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will Read #5 – Whitney Cummings “I’m Fine….And Other Lies”(2017)

  1. Holy crap! I had no idea! We used to caption 2 Broke Girls and I had no concept of the suffering and angst behind its creator. It really is amazing how differently people react to things and life in general. How could she go through so much and still keep going… AND become successful in the end?
    And I think that’s a healthy perspective you have, too, about not handing out tips or advice…until one has maybe been doing okay for at least a decade or so. It’s coming from a good place, as you say, but…. hold on to your horses there! Right? Still… sounds like an eye-opening, inspiring read.

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    1. It definitely has it’s moments and Whitney does have a bubbling personality but holy shit,does he have the emtional baggage!!! I still need to actually watch a set of her comedy but honestly,I doubt I would laugh considering her life’s trials and tribulations….

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  2. Wow. You’re a brave man for starting and finishing that bio. Not sure if I could, or want to do it. I think I like your idea. Go see her perform standup, and allow her to do her thing without heckling. She is very pretty. Life should have been better in the beginning. Hope her head is in a better place now.

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    1. I sure hope so too,Darnell. I have a feeling Whitney and I have one thing in common however,I bet she can’t stand the silence at night and has to have some kind of white noise going,,,,,


  3. Great review 🙂 I too am amazed at how much Whitney Cummings has overcome given the amount of troubles she had to put up with in the past. Not only that, but she has become successful as a comedian (or a comedienne in this case). Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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