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I have known our next guest Johanna Rae for a while now. We became friends on Twitter and swapped tweets back and forth. The one constant thing I caught on about Johanna is she is always cheerful and upbeat. Now of course we all have our down days and she is no different but you never see it with Johanna. She is always on the go as well,traveling to various sites and places in Los Angeles and putting out that positive energy which is so needed in these times.
But make no mistake about it,Johanna is a hard working actress as well and she isn’t just another beautiful face,the lady has some chops as we found out when we reviewed the short film she appeared in called “Lilitu”,which has been one of the best shorts we have watched this year.
Johanna has a new film coming out just in time for the scariest month of all,October. It’s called “The Amityville Harvest”and it features some impressive co-stars in the horror genre…Sadie Katz (Clown Fear),Yan Birch (The People Under The Stairs) and Paul Logan (CobraGator <—I gotta see this).
I got a message from Johanna,she had a question for me. I asked her how the interview was going and she answered she was working on it while flying to her next shooting location,you have to admire a drive like that. Well that and her postive energy. I hope you enjoy meeting Johanna Rae as she answers her 8 Questions…..





 Please introduce yourself and tell us about your current project

Hello, my name is Johanna Rae, I am from a small town of Winslow in Northwest Arkansas. My latest films to be released this fall; Lionsgate’s The Amityville Harvest and the Alaska thriller No Way Out. 


 How have you been handling the pandemic,what are you doing to stay busy and creative?

LOL It was a bit of a roller coaster at first, perhaps like others under the assumption of being told it was going to be a two week shelter in place, I did the at home vacation with the wine and binging films or tv all night, after a week it got old and I felt that this was going to be much longer as I kept up with the news. I started doing at home workouts,reading,and keeping myself as busy as I could. I wanted to create healthy habits and not get stuck in some habits that may not be beneficial to me.I felt to grateful when, I did get the chance to book a film and shoot, once they figured out how to be safe on set, 8 Ways to Hell, i shot with Oscar nominated actor Eric Roberts and a cool film noir scene in an  anthology film. 

 What was it like growing up in Winslow,Arkansas?

What are your favorite memories growing up? Winslow is  a  small town of less than 300, I had a childhood of  long bike rides with friends, playing outdoors, and the fun treehouse in the woods.Something very rare if you are  in the city. It was quiet and humble and I really appreciate that part of my life, I feel it has grounded me and developed strong morals and values. I. graduated with 12 other students. Being in such a small area, it was special in regards to from grade school through highschool we all  played sports and have memories of that together throughout all those years , we all were very close. 

 You were a very talented athlete who earned a full ride at University of Arkansas Little Rock. What sport did you play and how did you get recruited?

What was your college experience like? I grew up thinking i was going to be a basketball player but quickly became a high school track star, the grade school had a new pricople my Freshman Year and he asked if I would like to join the new cross country and track team, I won placed in my first race and won state and would from there on. I still hold the 3200 meter all time record and former 1600 one as well. It was also my first time to get to travel like that , i went to Paris and London with the USA team, competed in all the surrounding states. I loved it and I was very competitive. College was great, I enjoyed having teammates from all over the world, something very new to me being from such a small a rural area and that is where i discovered my love for the arts and film. 

 What led you to become an actress? What steps did you take in becoming an actor?

  It was always there as a child, I loved to daydream and play characters, and fell in love with film as a young age. It wasn’t until college and having the opportunity to be around the theater and the experience of traveling that I got the courage to head to LA and pursue my dream. I came to LA knowing nothing about the industry, there was a lot  of trial and error for me. I joined various acting classes, until I found one that seemed to feel right, there met other actors and that is really how I started getting my first projects and working. 

 What was your first role and what was it like to see yourself on screen?

My first role was a one liner on a SAG film, unfortunately it was 2008 and there was a writers guild strike and the film was shut down and was never completed. After that most of my projects on camera were in music videos, I  was a model at the time. I started out doing a few indie films that also didn’t make it to completion and that was a discouraging time for me, I was unaware of the industry and production side and this tends to happen more times than most would think. It took  awhile for me to realluy understand the industry, grow, and find great people to work with. 

 What was it like moving from Arkansas to Los Angeles? What three things surprised you the most about Los Angeles?

Wow, I could go on and on about this!  LA is exciting but also very intimidating at first, it took me a good year and half before I felt like I knew where I was even driving to. Also due to the high expense of living in LA,I was not used to roommates unless it was in college. I felt the most excited about all the different cultures here,being from the south where there is much less diversity, I truly love this about LA still today!

 I watched your short “Lilitu” and what impressed me most was your willingness to get your hands dirty and not care about wearing make-up.

What is your process when you accept a role? How do you make the part you’re playing yours?

When the director approached me with the  role and the style, I felt that Jamie needed to be very real and humble.  This short is a scene to a feature film , Jamie and her traveling companion the Priest have been on the road for a few days trying to get to Lilitu, she would not be fussing on her hair and look, I wanted her to feel very authentic and relatable. It always bothers me in movies or tv shows when women are in bed with a full face of makeup on .Washing your skin at night is vital to healthy skin, we all know that and yet they still have women going to bed or waking up with makeup and hair. I wanted Jamie to be realistic. 

 How did you get your role in “The Amityville Harvest” and what was it like working with  the cast?

Would you consider yourself a “scream queen”?

No, I would not consider myself a scream queen , I have comedy, dramas and action roles and I have enjoyed working on all genres of film, my favorite would be a role with a strong character, who is complex, and relatable.  I had worked with the director briefly on a film before and he had a role that sounded fun to play in The Amityville Harvest. I am an actor, as  far as the horror genre roles go, a few of my favorite characters are Ripley in Aliens and Clarice in The Silence of the Lambs. 

What scares you?

Wasting time. wasting energy on things that hold no value in my life. I will not allow money, people,or work to compromise my morals and values as a woman or an individual. 

You’re on a deserted island and you have 10 movies to watch,what would they be and what makes them special?

This is very hard! I would choose a variety of different films and  I am going to have to be able to watch them over and over. I need a good laugh, some romance, action , and life lessons and values to remind me how people are and what life is like ,as well as a good escape from my situation. With that being said, these films come to mind.  Secondhand Lions, Dumb and Dumber, The Godfather – Parts 1 & 2, The Dark Knight,Lord of the Rings 1-3,Dirty Dancing,Star Wars.

 What do you like to do on your down time between acting projects?

I am a former college runner so I enjoy running and I’m hoping to try a half marathon soon. I love to travel, spend time with family, and painting.  I enjoy  trying new activities and ventures , currently  I’ve taken up golfing and interest in the stock market. 

What has been your three best experiences in acting so far and why? 

High school theater play when I was cast as the evil queen, of course I wanted to be Snow White the princess and lead. Once we rehearsed and I realized how much fun and how far I could go with this character, it was empowering to me! Snow White seemed like such a bore afterwards. My first great theater performance, when I came to LA, I was so lost in the charter and for the first time truly became that character and lived that moment. It was a similar feeling to my competitive track and field days and  getting in the  ZONE as we would say. I really enjoyed playing Jamie in Lilitu, I felt the same,  as though I had become her and I was living in that very moment, unaware of the camera or that I was on set being a character, I was her. 

 The cheetah and I are flying over to watch you shoot your latest film but we are a day early and now you are stuck playing tour guide,what are we doing?

 Perhaps it would be back home in Arkansas, I would have to take you on a beautiful hike through the gorgeous mountains,and oak and dogwood trees, along a mystical river or stream. We may then go horseback riding up into the mountains for a few hours and of course if we come across a field we have to let our horses have a good run! Being from the south, with southern food we would have to go find some great BBQ or catfish, or just cook a great home style southern meal to enjoy.  We would be doing a lot of outdoor activities , so be prepared! It’s simply gorgeous with beautiful skies and fresh air.

I like to thank Johanna for taking the time from her busy schedule to be able to talk with us. The future is very bright for her as she is starting to become more and more in demand in various projects.  We wish her the best as we continue to follow her film career.
   Johanna has various ways in which you can follow her career to see what she is doing next.

You can see what she is filming next on her IMDb page.

You can follow Johanna on her InstaGram page.

Follow Johanna on Twitter.

And you can Like her page on Facebook.

Thank you so much for supporting Johanna’s interview and please feel to leave comments.

3 thoughts on “8 Questions with…………actress Johanna Rae

  1. Great interview 🙂 It is so hard to pick the standout aspects that Johanna Rae demonstrates so perfectly about her career here (personal and professional), I want to thank you Michael (and the cheetah) for all the links that detail more about her 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks John…..I have found Johanna,like just about everyone I have interviewed,to be very nice human beings,she really is as nice as she comes across in her interview. I am so looking forward to seeing “The Amityville Harvest”…I’ll be reviewing that as well.

      Liked by 1 person

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