Have Cheetah,Will View #472- “Clownface”(2019)

It’s 1:55 pm

In doing the various reviews on here,the cheetah and I have come across many different film genres,action,drama,foreign,creature feature,bad shark movies…but we had never reviewed a clown movie before. Now I had interviewed film director Minh Collins who did “Clown Fear” but we haven’t watch it yet. Please don’t ask me why because I honestly have no logical answer,my viewing habits are so weird,much like myself,especially the past 7.5 years.

Well the fine people at Wild Eye Releasing must have notice this as well because in our mail box a couple of weeks ago,”Clownface”popped up and since I had watched some reviews on YouTube,I decided that “Clownface” would be our first watch.
Now for those of you who don’t know what clown movies are….its a subgenre of the slasher movies. Instead of a killer wearing a hockey mask,William Shatner mask or being horribly scarred like Jason,Michael and Freddy,these slashers wear clown make-up while carving up innocent people. Yeah,I know…..but killer clowns are very popular in the horror movies of today.
Since it IS October and we all like to be scared somewhat during this time,what better time then now to review our first killer clown movie……


 The film opens up with Jenna (Hannah Douglas) heading out for a night with friends at a local pub. Her roommate Zoe (Dani Tonks) is going to have a quiet night at home.
Zoe is in her bedroom reading when suddenly a masked man bursts in and swiftly ties Zoe’s hands behind her and then proceeds to have sex with her,we can see by Zoe’s reaction that this is role play and sure enough we meet Zoe’s boyfriend Rick (Thomas Loone). Afterwards,Rick unties Zoe’s hands and as they make small talk,a noise is heard. The young couple go to check it out when suddenly a man wearing a clown mask attacks Rick and kills with with an hatchet and after knocking Zoe,kidnaps her and also takes Rick’s body.
Jenna comes home to a empty house and a large blood stain and calls the cops…

A year later and Jenna has decided to try and restart her life. As she takes the first steps,a stranger is renting a room in a private home. He appears to be slightly off the rails and when he unpacks a gun and is short with his new landlady,we know something is afoot….especially when he starts looking at old newspaper clippings (uh,who does that anymore??)

Jenna lands a new job through a friend at a local coffee shop and she and the friend talk about what happened. Neither Rick nor Zoe have never been found despite massive sweeps by the cops and after a year,the case has gone ice cold.
The job is going well for Jenna when one night while taking out the trash,she confronted by a chain smoking goth girl named Charlotte (Leah Solmaz) who is a friend of Zoe’s and thinks Jenna knows more then she is letting on.
Speaking of Zoe,we find out that she is still alive and a prisoner of Clownface. She has done the best she can in staying hopeful of being rescued by living in her memories. We see how she and Rick first met and how their relationship progressed.

The strange young man from the apartment goes into town and starts asking questions about the case and upsets the locals. After talking to a old codger who warns him to quit asking questions,the young man heads back to his room,not seeing Clownface kill the codger and cutting off part of his face.
The young man turns out to be Owen (Richard Buck) and he too has suffered at the hands of Clownface,now he too feels like Jenna can help him but he at her a bit too strong and scares her off.

The pressure is starting to wear on Jenna as both Owen and Charlotte keep after her. So when her friend at work suggests going to a party to blow off some steam and have some fun.
But Clownface has his own plans and it begins at Jenna’s house and then crashing the party……..

  So how did the cheetah and I like our first killer clown movie? We liked it!!
What we didn’t know was that “Clownface” was a UK horror film and it was pretty smartly done. Writer-director Alex Bourne did a really fine job in creating plenty of mystery and misdirection. Clownface plays as much as a crime drama as it does a traditional slasher film.
I loved the fact that Bourne put his energy more into his red herrings then a high body count,by the time Clownface gets rolling in the past 15 minutes,we are hooked more into the mystery then anything else.
But don’t be fooled,there are a few nasty kills to whet any slasher film’s fanbase.
But the one thing missing from Clownface is one key element,WHY was Clownface on his rampage of terror? Because he didn’t speak,we never get his backstory which is a shame because he isn’t a mindless brute like a Jason or Michael Myers,he a plan in mind.

The acting is actually solid,while Hannah Douglas as Jenna gets the main focus,I thought Dani Tonks stole film as the captive Zoe. She had a nice Dina Meyer look and she was pretty fierce when she has to be. Phillip John Bailey as Clownface was very effective,I liked the idea that he was of average size,it made him more scarier because you think you can stop him but…….the rest of the cast held their own for the most part.
Overall,this is yet another fine Wild Eye film and one you should check out.

Clownface has a runtime of 92 minutes and special features including a BTS featurette. You can order a copy of this film by going to the website of Wild Eye Releasing. This movie is rated “R” graphic violence and themes.

The cheetah and I gave “Clownface” a thumbs and paw straight up.

Which scary movie at Halloween is a must see for you?? Leave your answer in the comments section below.

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8 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #472- “Clownface”(2019)

  1. I still remember “Ginger Snaps” the original Canadian horror film that came out in 2000. Ginger was bit by a werewolf that was killed. She slowly transformed. Having unprotected sex, the boy she was with became infected also. My hair stood up when he peed blood! It was Ahh! for him and me!!

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  2. This sounds creepy, as any clown slasher movie probably ought to be by default. Maybe they can get into the backstory/motive of the clown in the sequel!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed…..you always like a bit of a backstory,I think it helps quite a bit. Notice all the greatest horror killers have a story with Jason’s probably being the most detailed.


  3. Great review 🙂 I need to check this one out though since you and the cheetah have praised it for the most part (both of you have wished for more backstory on the villain though). Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks John…..I was pleasantly surprised at Bourne’s acript,this was a thought out story and isn’t your normal garden variety caveman slasher film,he did a pretty nice job at misdirection…..that this is equally half mystery as well as horror is refreshing to see.

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