Have Cheetah,Will View #476 – “Eye Exam” (2020)

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I was web surfing yesterday when suddenly we saw a post from the lovely Aislinn Clarke,the dynamic Irish director who scared the spots off the cheetah and myself with her film “The Devil’s Doorway” on IFC Midnight. While Covid-19 has wrecked absolute havoc with various film projects and affected so many artists,Aislinn was able to direct this micro-short for Hulu’s Huluween short film series.
“Eye Exam” which was written by Jack Tarling and stars Irene Allen,Richard Addison,Stephen O’Hagan and Vivien Taylor is a sharp little burst of science-fiction which preys on the fears of anyone who happens to wear glasses,like myself for example..
When Mrs. Elllen White gets a an invite for a free eye exam,she doesn’t pass up the chance but when she sees the patient in from of her leave is a hurry,an uneasy feeling starts to come over her. Why should anyone be afraid of an eye exam and a free one at that?

This is so much fun and at a very tight 3 minutes,it feels like it would be right at home in an “ABC’s Of Death” film. Clark is able to ratchet the tension instantly with the waiting itself yet assures you its all in good fun with a 1950s sounding score. Tarling gets a lot credit for making the setting in a eye doctor’s office instead of the usual dentist office. Believe it or not,an eye exam is no small walk in the park,there is a lot stress and fear in having an exam especially as you get older as Mrs. White is.

I completely enjoyed this short and while the cheetah and I await Aislinn’s newest movie (stupid pandemic),this little film will keep us entertained for now.
You can find the other 29 shorts of this series either on Hulu and on YouTube.

I did an “8 Questions with……” with Aislinn that you can read here.

Leave a comment below on your thoughts of “Eye Exam”


3 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #476 – “Eye Exam” (2020)

  1. Bite sized fright! I love it! – Eye Exam is a creepy short that spooked me as a wearer of glasses. It works for me because of human nature to be brave at times. Two people ran out that office and the next person went in anyway. If my pest friend was in the movie it would have been only 1 minute long…just enough time for him to run out!!!

    Nice quick pic!

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