Have Cheetah,Will View #477 – “Happy Endings – Season 2” (2011)

Its 7:15 pm

   It’s been a pretty hectic week here in my house,its getting colder but still warm enough for a night full of thunderstorms. The cheetah has started sleeping under the blankets on a daily basis. Overall it’s been weird week and a weird week for film watching. We watched “Clive Barker’s Book Of Blood”but other Sophie Ward’s performance,it was damned boring and we didn’t like it very much.
   Despite it being Halloween month,I have found myself wanting to watch more quiet fare and with that in mind,we decided to review the 2nd season of the very funny “Happy Endings” TV show.


    The premise is pretty familiar,six very good friends share their lives in Chicago.
In season one,Dave (Zachary Knighton) was left at the alter by Alex (Elisha Cuthbert). Their close friends,the very cheerful Penny (Casey Wilson),gay schlub Max (Adam Pally) and married couple Brad (Damon Wayans Jr) and Jane (Eliza Coupe) help try to pick up the pieces during the first season.

   As the second season opens,Dave and Alex have started to become friends again while Max starts to take life a bit more seriously by starting his own unlicensed limo service. Penny buys her first home while Brad and Jane struggle finding an even keel in their marriage and Alex has to move in with Penny when she smoke damages her apartment and lets her new pet snake escape in trying to prove to Dave she can take care of a pet.
   And that is all in just the first two episodes. The cast really comes together in season two and the laughs come much eaiser as Happy Endings starts to hit its stride. The various hijinks that happen are inspired by some seriously good writing and on point direction.
   Season two also saw several recurring guests drop on by including Megan Mullally as Penny’s mom Dana who drops in on Penny for big singing gig. She convinces Penny to join her on stage but things go sideways when Penny discover her mom is getting divorce and the big show is singing at a boat show.
Mikaela Hoover returns has Jackie,who Dave rebounded with after Alex left him at the alter,Seth Morris returns as crazy Scotty who is about as unstable as they come.

   The guest stars for season two are pretty outstanding as well. You had several actors playing themselves in various episodes,Brent Musburger playing himself and giving marriage advice to Brad was funny as hell in the episode “Lying Around” which sees Jane’s friend from college for a visit but Brad can’t stand her. When she comes to town,he leaves on a “retreat” but ends up staying in a fancy hotel for a week. When Jane finds out,she is at first mad but realizes that a week apart isn’t a bad thing and adds passion to their marriage. The guests stars include Fred Savage,Brian Austin Green,Michael McKean and Colin Hanks.

   There are several outstanding episodes in season two in which each cast member gets a chance to shine – Dave making a commerical for his steak truck but neglecting to mention his name or his truck,Penny looking to change every man she dates,Jane trying to find a “work husband” which turns out creepy and lands her in trouble,Max bonding with Brad’s boss,Alex is mistaken for a man when she has cold but still attends a Halloween party and Brad and Dave trying to bond with their mailman (Rob Riggle).
   All said,season two was a great one as Happy Endings is turning into one of my favorite shows.
That being said,we’ll be reviewing the third and final season soon.

Season two of Happy Endings has been released by Mill Creek Entertainment and you can buy your copy by going to their Amazon page which you can find here. Season 2 consists of 21 episodes and contains a few special features including deleted scenes and a blooper reel. 

The cheetah and I both gave Happy Endings two big thumbs/4 paws straight up.

Have you watched “Happy Endings”? If so,share your favorite episode/character by dropping a comment below..

7 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #477 – “Happy Endings – Season 2” (2011)

  1. It sounds like light fun, very appealing. I love it when stars do guest appearances on series, like when Matt Damon went on Will & Grace, etc. It’s a lot of fun.
    Networks still aren’t making good decisions after all this time, huh? Remember how NBC canceled Star Trek because Nielsen ratings were low? My husband and I were just talking about this like two days ago! And something about the ratings were off–like a huge amount of the population somehow wasn’t being accounted for that was actually tuning in. But by the time the suits ran back to say, “Wait–!!” it was too late.
    Duuuuuuuh !!!

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