Have Cheetah,Will View #478 – “The Human Zoo” (2020)

Its’s 1:23 pm

   In our recent box of Wild Eye Releasing films that they sent us to look at and share with you,one film caught our eye because if it’s unusual title. “The Human Zoo” has a pretty intense covers and it’s tagline “Escape Is Not An Option” is little unsettling. 
    Now normally I never read anyone’s elses review before I post mine but I saw a few folks post YouTube reviews of this film and they see pretty divided on what they saw….half liked it,half did not. Because I know many of the people who posted those reviews,it only heightened “Zoo” and what we expected to see. 


   One thing we were happy to see was that both hostesses of the Scream Queen Stream,a popular YouTube channel featuring Heather Dorff and Jessica Cameron had parts in this film. Both are also working actresses and we have reviewed one film Jessica was in already,”Run Like Hell“. The only other name in this movie we knew was Robert Carradine but we’ll talk about him later. The rest of the cast were completely unknown to us. With this said,let’s go to the zoo…..the Human Zoo.


   The film opens up with the set-up being printed on the screen,there is a new web series game/reality show called “Solitary Confinement” that is set to debut very soon. We meet several different people who are hoping to be selected. You get a cross section of everyone…men,women,professionals,college students,minor celebrities. You get soft spoken,braggarts,desperate,self-assured. It’s a diverse group as well,white,Asian,black,Latino are all represented in the players hoping to be picked.

   But something is a little off,the staff who is selecting the players comes across as hostile and rude. But the hopefuls choose to ignore that in order to be picked except for one young man who senses something is off and bails out of the interview and leaves.  The rest of the players then meet the show’s producer Hilliard May (Carradine) who explains that the winner is the last one standing among them. 

If anyone wants to quit,they simply cross their arms and they’ll be released. The winner will get 1 million dollars which is suddenly upped to 2 million dollars right before the game starts. 
    But once the staff shows off alarming traits…..two goons come by and insist the player come with them by putting a bag over their heads and take a shower with the goons standing there watching them. They then issue each player a set of clothes and take them back to the interview room. Then once again,they have that bag put over their head and they are led into their 8 x 8 cells. 

  The cells are completely enclosed except for a slot where each player will get one meal and one large bottled water a day. They have a bucket(!) in which to go to the bathroom in. They also have a thin yoga mat to lay on. There is a low wattage light and a camera as well. 
    After that……well we spend the next 75 minutes watching how much these people can endure….because there is a nasty surprise waiting for them all……

 So did the cheetah and I like “The Human Zoo”? I really wanted too but despite this being a noble take in experimental filmmaking by co-writer-director John E. Seymore,The Human Zoo just doesn’t work. It’s not a terrible movie but it is a pointless one.  Now I have heard people comment that The Human Zoo is commenting on real zoos and how the animals are treated,I completely disagree with that,I felt more like those people being held in those inhumane would be the best comparsion in my opinion. 

   The acting in the movie was mixed but inspired. I was really impressed with Heather Dorff has the trailer park redneck woman nailed down!!! I kept on waiting for her to actually punch a hole in her cell and kill everyone she ran across!! She was awesome….the cast overall did a good job at showing people slowly falling apart but it would have been more effective if they portrayed the time spent in terms of weeks instead of just days. I think everyone would have kept their shit together for more then 4-5 days before going off the deep end. 

 In regards To Robert Carradine,he was one scene in the whole movie and that was a big disappointment.
You cast a well known name,slap his name on the cover and he is in the show for two minutes? That is weak,at least give him something to DO other then one tiny scene. 
  “The Human Zoo” in the end is a noble experiment that ends up not working. Its a little too long,there is no resolution and no clear idea to what Seymore is trying to convey. The good news is many actors will have a lot of good audition tape material.

 “The Human Zoo” is unrated but should be considered a hard “R” for graphic language and theme.
It has a run time of 1 hour 48 minutes and has no special features. You can pick up a copy of “Zoo” at the website of Wild Eye Releasing.

The cheetah and I gave “Zoo” a slight thumbs/paw down.

What film have you watched and wished it had been better? Leave a comment below.

6 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #478 – “The Human Zoo” (2020)

  1. Well, Mr. Carradine sure is keeping up with what his father did (“Red Zone Cuba” has John Carradine appear in a one-minute scene at the very beginning and sing the theme song, and that is that).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah,its sort of hard trying to figure out Robert’s appearance…which I’m thinking was done as a favor but still,favor or not……he should have been used much differently then how he was used here. Thank you so much dropping by by and dropping a comment!


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