Have Cheetah,Will View #481 – “Nature: My Bionic Pet”(2014)

     Last night I was feeling pretty down….I still experience big waves of grief and the holiday season is always very tough on me. Yesterday was a complete washout for me as I stayed in bed all day except for getting dinner. It had been a long time since I just did absolutely zero and I didn’t feel very good about it.
    So I got up at 1:30 am and was in the mood to watch something but not knowing WHAT I wanted to watch. I bypassed the offerings in the den and headed to the basement and went to my stash of documentaries I have picked up during my hunts.
    I decided to go with a episode of the PBS show “Nature” called “My Bionic Pet”. I have been lucky to find these episodes at my library and even reviewed an episode on the blog. I know going in that these documentaries don’t bring any traffic,hardly anyone reads them but sometimes I find myself posting episodes for me.

   “My Bionic Pet” is a lovely showcase of how many different animals who have lost limbs have been able to overcome their disabilities with the help of some very big hearted guardians and some high tech solutions (and some MyGuyvering as well) to ensure these animals have a great life. 
  Not only do many of these animal thrive but they also are great ambassadors as they visit hospitals,farms,veterans centers and share their stories with others.

This is a great episode of one of PBS’s best series. Like I mentioned in my video review,you can get episodes from PBS itself or you can go to your local library and see if they have older episodes to sell. I have bought both of my “Nature” episodes that way. and hope to find more in the future. 

“My Bionic Pet” is rated G and has a run time of 53 minutes. The cheetah and I “My Bionic Pet”a thumb/paw straight up.

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