40 Questions and Answers

Recently in the YouTube community,a tag has been going around asking people to answer 40 questions about a variety of subjects. Once tagged you’re supposed to answer the questions and post your answers in a video. 
   Being that I’m a writer first and foremost,I decided to write my answers here and then encourage people to come read the blog,for some,this will be their first time visisting and I hope after they (and you) finish reading that you’ll bookmark us or better yet,follow us on here. Maybe even take a few minutes and explore around on some of the films we have reviewed or artists we have interviewed. Who knows,you might discover a hidden gem for the first time…….but for now….its time for 40 Questions. I was tagged by YouTuber Katie Warman for these….I’ll post her channel below after the questions….

1. Do I like bleu cheese?

  I like bleu cheese more as a crumble then as a salad dressing but I do like it well enough.
My favorite cheese is Swiss and my favorite salad dressing is Thousand Island.

2. Coke or Pepsi?

   I would choose Coke but my favorite soda is Dr. Pepper with Squirt a close second.

3. Am I in a relationship?

 Yes. While my wife Lori has passed,my heart and soul is still her’s and always will be. 
Death cannot come between us…..

4. Whiskey,tequila or vodka?

   I don’t drink at all. 

5. Hotdog or cheeseburger?

  Cheeseburger all day long but I perfer Subway toonafish!!!

6. Favorite food?

My favorite dishes that Lori made are Rachel Ray chicken and Alton Brown Mac & cheese.
The dish I make myself is baked chicken with a side of veggies. 

7. Favorite drink in the morning?

Iced coffee

8. Can I do 100 push-ups?

  Yes,but I would have to do sets of 25,I’m no spring chicken anymore.

9. What is my favorite season?

Winter,I enjoy the snow and I love when the cheetah gets under the blankets and sleeps all night with me.

10. Favorite hobby?

  Collecting movies,especially films from IFC/IFC Midnight. I enjoy hunting for new films that I haven’t have seen as of yet.

11. Do I have any tattoos?

No,I do not. 

12.Do I wear glasses?

Yep,pretty blind without them

13. Do I have any phobias?

As I have gotten older,I find myself not liking heights very much.

14. Do I have any nicknames?

People have called me Sully,my buddy Catfish’s family calls me Porkchop.

15. What is my favorite candy?

  The two I like the best are Hershey Chocolate with almonds and Mounds.

16. Do I believe in ghosts?

Not in general way we think of ghosts.
I do believe in poltergiests and demons however.

17. My biggest downfall

I don’t have enough space to share that. 

18.Do I like rain or snow?

I like snow much more then rain,especially when driving in it. 

19. Do I have any piercings?

yes,I have 3 holes but took out my studs in 1999. 

20.How old am I ? 

I’m 56 years going on 100. But the cheetah keeps me young. 

21. French fries or onion rings

I perfer french fries but like ’em both. 

22. Do I have children?

No I do not.  Unless you count the cheetah…..

23. Favorite color?

Purple is my favorite color.

24. Can I sing?

No…But I can tell when someone is a great singer. 

25.Can I whistle?


26. Where was I born?

I was born in Vallejo,California. 

27. Do I have siblings?

Yes,I have a older sister named Rose,my younger sister Christine and a younger brother Phillip.

28. Can I cook???

Just enough to make me dangerous. 

29 Can I swim?

yes but it has been a long time since I have.

30. Am I religious?

No,not at all.

31. Do I perfer a shower or bath?

Shower in the summer,bath in the winter time. 

32. Big City or out with nature?

I prefer out in nature. 

33. Am I a good friend?

hell yeah I am. Just as long as you ain’t a Trump loving fascist. 
If you are then no,I’m not your friend. 

34. Have I ever broken any bones? 

Yes,broke my right index finger playing high school football and my right ankle playing basketball. 

35. How many TVs do I own?

I own one. 

36.Worst pain I ever gone through?

Those who know me already know. 

37. Do I ever dance?

Not now but I loved to dance when I was younger. 

38. Do I like camping?

I used to camp out all summer when I was a kid,haven’t been camping in forever.

39. Am I weird?

I’m not weird but I am not the same person I was 10 years ago. 
I walk in circles and I can’t wait to leave here. 

40. Tag six people to do this…..I rather let six people do this on their own and then share it with me. 


Please visit Katie’s YouTube Channel and give her a sub,tell her the cheetah sent you.











6 thoughts on “40 Questions and Answers

  1. Great answers Michael 🙂 I love Milk chocolate Hershey’s as well and French Fries 🙂 I also love IFC Blu-Ray/DVD’s too 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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