Have Cheetah,Will View #489 -Sarah Brightman “Diva: The Video Collection” (2006)

It’s no secret that I love music and I have shared that many times here on the blog. I have posted songs that I really like in the “I Sing” series and recently shared a story about my days as a talent buyer in California.
So when I was looking for something to relax to while having dinner,I looked in one of my binders and pulled out Sarah Brightman’s “Diva: The Music Collection” to listen to. I am a huge Sarah Brightman fan and own many of her albums. I had always hoped to take Lori to see Sarah perform live when she toured Michigan but we never got that chance as life was always so busy at the time she toured.
I picked up “Diva” at the Barnes and Noble in the town we used to live in before we moved. It was on sale and so I picked it up …for a song.
Sarah shot to worldwide fame for two reasons,she was in the incredible musical “The Phantom Of the Opera” and she was married to the man who created the play and wrote the music to it,Andrew Lloyd Webber. Before that,she was part of a cookie cutter group called Hot Gossip in the UK.

Classical music was at that time considered not only old people’s music,it was often sung by older singers. Opera and classical music wasn’t considered mainstream in the slightest until The Phantom Of The Opera hit the stage and Sarah’s soprano voice just blew the doors off that old notion. But the groundwork for her stardom had been laid out when first she performed in “Cats” in 1981.
This retrospective starts with Sarah sitting on a music box and she tells the story behind each video she has done up to that point in her career. The first single that really jump started Sarah’s solo career was “Pie Jesu”which was a big hit for her.
Now I’ll be honest,for the most part,the videos didn’t age very well but then again creating videos for a singer like Sarah must not have been the easiest thing to plan out. But the ones that do…..”Captain Nemo”,”Who Wants To Live Forever” and “Time To Say Goodbye” are still outstanding. Of course she has several duets including with Andrea Bocelli and those two are magic together.
I really liked hearing Sarah speak about her progression from strictly a stage actress into becoming a classical pop singer. She is very much in charge of her career and the direction it has taken.  She has continued to to tour and also act,she appeared in the cult classic “Repo! The Genetic Opera” which is an amazing movie and one I highly recommend most highly.
There is a part two to this collection and I hope to score a copy sooner then later.
How about you? Are any of you Sarah Brightman fans,if so what is your favorite song/album of Sarah’s? Leave a comment below!!

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