Have Cheetah,Will View #490 – “Cats and Peachtopia”(2018)

This past Black Friday saw the Dollar Tree roll out a massive movie sale. The cheetah and I were ready to dive,we had watched some earlier videos and saw that other film buffs were pulling in some good titles.  I made a quick run to the secondary Dollar Tree store I shop at and they had put their films out early. I didn’t really see anything for me but I was also shopping for others and I found a few things for them.
   When I stopped by my store on Friday….they were getting wiped out and hasn’t been able to put their films out at all. In fact it took them 8 days to finally do so but they when they did,they were kind enough to call me and so I was able to come and look through the 9 huge boxes they had gotten. And in doing so,I found the next film that we are reviewing,”Cats and Peachtopia” which was released here in the States as “Cats”. 


  This is a combo written/video so you can watch my review right above you and also read some of my thoughts here.
I think what really suprised me about “Cats and Peachtopia” was the high quality of the animation. As I point out in my video,a lot of the animated shows and movies I have seen other films collectors pull have been met with a lot of disappointed people who comment how too many of these are really poor made and have really really bad stories.
It also helps that Gary Wang,who wrote and directed “Cats”respects his audience,he seems to know that while “Cats” main audiences will be children,he knew that many adults would be watching as well and gently adjusted his story to include them. Let’s be honest here….if you watched and loved cartoons as a kid,there is a high chance you STILL will love them as an adult. Doubt me? Next time you’re around a group of friends,just say “Mickey Mouse” or “Bugs Bunny” and if your audience is a tad bit younger,mention any Japanese anime and watch how many of your friends are kids again.

  I myself enjoy animation quite a bit as anyone who has followed my blog knows. But in reviewing “Cats and Peachtopia” I noticed that while I have covered many American animation and cartoons,I have skipped over films from South Korea,Japan and China. I intend to correct that going forward. You’ll be seeing the cheetah and myself taking more chances with films like “Cats and Peachtopia” because there are some truly beautiful treasures to be found out there.

While I mentioned this in the video review as well,I gotta say that Dermot Mulroney did an outstanding job as Blanket,the father in the movie. Considering that this was just a dub job of a Chinese film and not very high profile,Mulroney really took his voice seriously and it shows. His Blanket is a really sweet and just as brave character as the main character of Cape is. There is a lot of layers to Blanket and if you pay close attention,you see what drives him besides rescuing his son.  I have so much respect for voice actors and the energy they put in doing roles where only their talent is heard and not seen.

“Cats and Peachtopia” has a run time of 90 minutes and is rated PG. Special features are sadly pretty bare,there is a 4 minute interview with Dermot Mulroney about playing “Blanket”.
The cheetah and I throughly enjoyed “Cats and Peachtopia” and we gave it two thumbs and 4 paws straight up. You can find this either at Dollar Tree or I recommend contacting my friend Gary at Gary’s Movie Emporium,he can help find you copies of just any title that Dollar Tree has sold.  Just send him a message through his Instagram and tell him the cheetah sent you.

What was the last animated film you have watched and what did you think of it? Leave a comment below!!



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  1. I just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Michael 🙂 Also, let us hope that 2021 is much better than 2020 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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