Best/Worst Films of 2020

Happy 2021!!!

   Before we close the vault door on 2020,the cheetah and I would like to present the top 20 films we watched during the past year. As you may (or not) know,Paladin and I do our rankings a bit different. We only rank what we watched during the year despite when a film was released….as long as we have never watched it before. We do this because we watch a review a wide array of films and don’t focus on the latest releases or blockbusters. I think it makes our list rather fun and different and we hope you enjoy it.  Note that not every movie watched was reviewed as well. I like to give a special nod to perhaps the most fun movie of the year in “Ouija Shark”. We have had so much fun talking about this movie all year long that I have to acknowledge it….

Our Top 20

1.  “We

2. “To The New Girl

3. “The Dead Ones

4. “The Foreigner”

5. “Maiden

6. “A Monster Calls”

7. “Ride Like A Girl”

8. “Burning Palms”

9. “Christmas Everlasting”

10. “Solomon Kane”

11. “After The Dark”

12 “Assault On Arkham”

13. “The Beach House” (Hallmark)

14. “A Beautiful Place To Die: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery”

15. “A Breath Away”

16. “Cat Run”

17. “Flashpoint”

18.”The House On Cuckoo Lane

19. “Scoob!”

20. “Stung

Top 10 Short Films

1. “Ad Meliora

2. “8:46”

3. “Pamela & Ivy

4. “Unicorns

5. “Alive

6. “Eye Exam

7. “A Sock and a Hard Place

8. “Why Haven’t They Fixed The Cameras Yet?

9.”Death Of An Umbrella Salesman

10. “Lilitu

Bottom 10 

1.  “Shadow Wolves”

2. “This Old Machine”

3. “Amityville Island”

4. “Dark Power”

5. “The Snowman”

6. “Jonah Hex”

7. Nigel & Oscar vs. The Sasquatch”

8. “Shark Exorcist”

9. “Camp Cold Brook”

10. “Venus & Vegas”

You can take a peek at all 160 films we watched this year by clicking here.

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