Thank you from Paladin and Myself

Before Paladin and I start our next round of reviews and interviews,we would like to say “Thank you” for our best year yet here on our blog!! We set a new record for visitors for the 4th straight year and that comes on top of having our reviews blocked on Facebook (of which we never got a reason for). But we have overcome that and have figured things out a bit.
The cheetah and I dropped our Twitter and decided to start a You Tube Channel and expand our Instagram (yeah,we know its Facebook) footprint. While the growth has been slow,we knew that going into it. 

We have had a lot of fun and are co-hosting a livestream show called “The Midnight Hour“along with our good friend Josh Hobbs of the YouTube channel “Hobbs Horror“. The livestream airs every Sunday night starting at 10:30 pm EST but that may change in the future.
We have met so many nice people and while I really enjoy the YouTube community,my heart still belongs here as I enjoy writing my reviews and a rare poem or a personal word entry.  Going to get back into “8 Questions with….” as I have lined up both some new guests and some returning favorites to catch us up on how they are doing….plus we have a new segment that just happened to us and we are excited to share that with you as it has a personal meaning to me.

There has been some changes as well……our contact at Warner Brothers Archive was laid off and we are getting to know the new person who is taking over.  The pandemic has affected some of our releationships as Mill Creek Entertainment had to let several of us smaller film bloggers go.  While that sucks as we really enjoyed the films they sent us,we understand the economics behind it. But we also were honored to get a email from Kelly’s Filmworks whose library we have reviewed here on the blog thanking us and offering us a chance to review any and all future releases. We still are reviewing Wild Eye Releasing films and Artsploitation Films,who had an outstanding year in 2020 in terms of superb releases including 2 films in our Top 20 of 2020.

2020 also saw the closure of another Family Video store near me leaving my area with only two stores left.  The big brick and mortar stores continue to pare down their media sections as well making getting new releases a bit more difficult. But Dollar Tree continues to expand its film sales and has been including a lot more BluRay/TV series as of late. Big Lots has also stepped up its game as Catfish and I discovered when we picked some great deals there not that long ago. My local Salvation Army store near me has also completely revamped their media section,it has a nice clean layout and have lowered their prices to .49 cents per title. I have found a lot of good films there lately including 3 IFC Films which are extremely hard to find in the wild. This has really been great since the library has remained closed because of the pandemic.
This year will also see us hit the 500 review mark and we have a special film that we have been saving just for our 500th review and we’re excited to see what you all think of our pick. If you care to take a guess at what film we’re reviewing,leave a comment below and if anyone gueses it,we’ll send you a couple a films as a prize!!

Our collection also expanded in terms as we got our first two Funko Pops,3 enamel pins,a Funko pen and a awesome and quite amazing Christmas present from Catfish. Our good friend Lon sent us an amazing gift when he sent us his remaining films/TV collection including a beautiful collector’s edition of “Sin City”which is one of my favorite films.
2020 has been a fun year in terms of expanding both readership and direction and we hope 2021 will see us continue to more forward!!!

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