Film hunting at Salvation Army Thrift Store

   I have recently been making my local Salvation Army a weekly stop. With the library where I used to shop every Tuesday being shut down by the pandemic,I needed a new place to look for films in between the Dollar Tree sales.
As I mentioned in another post,our local Goodwill store is not the best,the prices are high,there isn’t much selection and in many cases,the discs are either complete chit or flat out missing due to theft. I rarely get anything at all there (except for Ace Of Cakes seasons).
I hadn’t shopped the Salvation Army store in a very long time,when I was there last,the place was a dump…..the store was dirty,the staff unfriendly and the prices were all over the place,it was not a pleasant place to shop so I avoided it.

But then I started seeing film collectors like myself start posting videos on YouTube and they were talking about the great deals they were finding at their Salvation Army stores.
   I decided to take a chance and venture back into mine and let me tell you,its a case of night and day. The store looks great,the staff is much more helpful and friendly and prices are all much lower in every department. The lines are always long but its because the store is so much busier then before.
I have made 8 trips to the store and have found films in 6 of the visits,it would have been 7 but the line was long and I had somewhere I had to go….


    I thought I share my video I did for my YouTube Channel today in which I showed what I found last Thursday when I hunted at the store. Now if you’re looking for recent releases or specialty films,those may be harder to find then not but I have found three IFC Film titles in my visits and saw a Criterion (The Royal Tannebaums) which I already had so there is always a chance. Its a great place to find old favorites or to discover them for for the first time. When you watch the video,I’m sure some of you will be surprised with not only what I found but that I have never seen a few of these movies as well.
   This last visit was also the first time I spotted a season of a TV show,I suspect those are being held behind a counter,I am going to ask during my next visit. The prices are also outstanding as each film is listed for .49 each. The Salvation Army store has turned into a little goldmine and I hope it continues to produce fun finds like these!! The book deals are also outstanding and I picked up a Dean Koontz novel I first read years ago and really liked.

Where do you like to shop for movies/books at? Drop a comment below and share your favorite hunting spot.

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