8 Questions with……..Cosplayer/fashionista Brandee of Rainbow Goth YouTube Channel

Welcome to the first “8 Questions with……” interview of 2021. Its been a while since I have posted one and I really have missed doing these. I am so happy to start this year off by introducing you to Brandee and her lovely bird Ducky of the YouTube Channel “Rainbow Goth“.
I met Brandee indirectly through my buddy Josh of Hobbs Horror. Finding new YouTubers is very much like finding new bloggers,you see a comment on a blog you like and then cruise over and see what that writer is all about. Its so much fun discovering such fun and talented creators like Brandee .
Brandee has been the perfect antidote to Covid-19,she and Ducky cover all things fashion as she does “Get Ready With Me” videos,she makes various chokers and upgrades shoes from the mundane and boring to the bright and cheery. Not only can spot a bargain but she is also a cosplayer,she will take a character from a movie or book and create a costume by hand.
This takes a lot of talent and dedication and her outfits are fantastic. But finding out Brandee enjoys singing and playing various instruments is just icing on the cake.
My three favorite parts about her channel are her interactions with Ducky,its very rare that Ducky isn’t perched on Brandee’s shoulder and taking in all the action and will even “chirp” in with a suggestion or three. Second is seeing someone who still loves Care Bears as I thought those dudes have vanished over 20 years ago. I just remember how EVERYWHERE they were and then they just vanished…..until they popped up on Brandee’s channel. The last thing I really like about Brandee is when she’ll get into a video and she’ll slip into her Vanessa Bayer doing Miley Cyrus voice…I promise you,that will make you smile or laugh when you hear Brandee get into it. She is a very multi-talented young lady whose YouTube channel is growing quite quickly.
So I am very pleased to be able to sit down with Brandee (and Ducky) and asking her to answer 8 Questions (more or less)





Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself.

   Hi, I’m Brandee and I live with my roommate, the sweetest little green cheek conure in the world.  Her name is Ducky, and she can usually be found attached to my shoulder.
  My passion is fashion, and most things in my life revolve around that.  When I’m not working my normal day job, I enjoy shopping, drawing, creating, and doing martial arts.
    My favorite movies are animations – ie. Disney or Pixar.  I usually keep my TV on the Cartoon Network or Disney.  My favorite foods are Korean food, pizza, and baked goods. Sweets are a huge inspiration for my fashion choices.  I love apparel featuring cupcakes or ice cream!

How has the pandemic affected your life and how are you handling it and staying creative?

  Despite my online persona, I am actually quite introverted.  I can go days, maybe even weeks without talking to anyone, so I don’t think the pandemic has been as hard on me as it has been on lot of people.  I’m interested in a million things, like drawing, playing the piano or violin, making jewelry, or styling outfits, so I have a lot to keep me occupied.  Watching others’ YouTube videos keeps me motivated to indulge in my own projects.
   The hardest part of quarantine for me has been not exercising as much as I am used to.  I have always been extremely active in martial arts, and with the lock downs, it’s been difficult to participate in classes with others like I used to.

What was it like growing up in your home? What are your three favorite memories growing up?
Are your parents creative and artistic as well?

   Both of my parents are extremely creative, and I’m sure those genes were handed down to me.  Some of my favorite childhood memories are gaming (I was a huge gamer kid), driving to the Baskin Robbins across town with my 3 best friends, then sitting on the hood of my car while drinking Cappuccino Blasts.  Also, I loved putting up the Halloween decorations with my mom.  My mom and I always made the Halloween decorations and my costumes.  The very last year I went out trick or treating was the year I turned 13.  My grandmother sewed my Energizer Bunny costume.  My mom made a huge drum out of a baby pool and cut a hole in the top for candy.  I went up and down the street for hours banging on that crazy drum, letting the neighbors fill my baby pool.  And since the Energizer Bunny doesn’t talk, I didn’t even have to say trick or treat.

What came first for you, the love of edgy fashion or cosplaying? What was your first costume that you made and what was
attending your first convention like? What do you enjoy most about dressing up? How long does it take on average to make a costume?

  I’ve always been into edgy fashion.  From my last years of high school and up through college, I only wore black, mostly band t-shirts like Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, and Ozzy.  I didn’t start indulging in fashion until I had a steady full-time job and had cash to spare.
  I wasn’t always into cosplay.  My friends weren’t really into it, so a few times I went to cons alone.  My very first con, I remember it being incredibly hot, as it took place in August, and the convention center didn’t have air conditioning.  I stood outside in line for hours, even though we had tickets.  I was dressed as American McGee’s Alice, equipped with a Vorpal Blade and buckled knee length boots.
  I always constructed my costumes with pieces of clothing that I already had, but it wasn’t until about 3 years ago that I decided to make one from scratch.  I went to Comic Con as Lemmy Koopa from Super Mario.  I made a giant shell and spiked armor out of foam and worbla, and made a mohawk out of a wig.  That took many many months to prepare.  I wish I had started my YouTube before then so I could have documented it.  I also had decided that I was going to learn to do a handstand to take some authentic Lemmy handstand pictures.  I tried for 6 months, lost 10 lbs and got crazy buff doing it.  In the end, wasn’t able to do the handstand with all of Lemmy’s gear on, but overall, I’m happy with the progress I had made.

 What led you to start your YouTube channel and was it hard to come up with a concept?
Has anyone recognized you at conventions as of yet?

  I originally started YouTube as a musical outlet.  I wanted to learn to play the guitar, and so I figured to give myself the motivation to practice, I would record myself doing songs.  Then I realized how much I missed playing the violin, so I got a new electric violin after a long time hiatus from playing.  Then one day I decided to do a video on one of my shopping excursions, and that video got more views than all of my music videos combined, so I decided to reevaluate my channel.
   I haven’t had anyone recognize me, really; I don’t think that many people know me…or know of me.  Although I did have a fellow Youtuber recognize me in Target once, which was neat, because we had never actually met in person before.


Where do you get your fashions at? What do you look for in the clothes you buy?
Which do you prefer,shopping online or at a store and what makes your choice better?
What is the one item you would never buy online fashion wise?

    I will shop really anywhere.  I especially love J-Fashion, so I’ve been trying to find more shops that carry Harajuku, Visual Kei, and K-Pop fashions.  I usually shop online, as my niche is quite small where I am, and there aren’t really any alternative shops here.  I definitely belong in Los Angeles!
  I actually rarely bought shoes online until Covid. But now, for me, in-store shopping has become a thing of the past.

How did Ducky and you meet? What is your favorite Ducky moment?

   I will never forget the day Ducky and I met.  I had gone to my local pet shop to pick up some cat food.  Whenever I was there, I enjoyed walking through the bird room and talking to the little conures and cockatiels.  I remember making eye contact with her, and she started dancing in her cage.  I just knew she had to come home with me.  And my kitty had never been interested in the 3 parakeets I also had then, so I thought she would fit in perfectly with my little animal kingdom.

How important has Ducky been to you during the pandemic?

  My life definitely would not be the same without her.  We chatter to each other constantly, and she really enjoys when I do record my YouTube videos.  She loves to listen to me talk to the camera, and thinks I am talking to her.  Often times you’ll hear shrieks and quacks in the background of my videos as she talks back to me.

Tell us your three favorite fashion designers and three favorite make-up companies.

My favorite makeup brands are Too Faced, KVD, and Jeffree Star. As far as fashion designers go….there are WAY too many to name!!  It’s easier to name my favorite handbag designers…Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, and Moschino.  I have expensive taste. 🙂

The cheetah and I are coming to see you strut your latest cosplay creation at a huge convention but we are a day early so
Ducky and you have to be tour guides, what, where and who are you taking us to see,meet and have fun at? 

    I live about 30 minutes from my most favorite places to go…Salem, Massachusetts.  Home of the Salem witch trials in 1692.  Salem is a major tourist attraction and is extremely busy during the fall months.  Some of the museums are pretty gimmicky, but definitely worth checking out, as there is a lot of history behind them.  Salem also homes some of the coolest little alternative fashion and jewelry boutiques.  As far as food goes, my favorite restaurant is Turner’s Seafood, and if you’re looking for a spooky good time, I recommend the evening paranormal tours!

    Boston itself is overflowing with historical sights such as Fenway Park, the Freedom Trail, Harvard University, Paul Revere’s house, and the USS Constitution, to name a few.  Sadly, some of my favorite restaurant hot spots have closed due to Covid, but I’m certain as soon as we pull through this, our lovely little city will be bustling again in no time.

I like to thank Brandee for taking the time to talk with me,I had a such a fun time putting this interview together and I really hope you had a fun time meeting this most creative artist.  Thank you for supporting this interview and I have more coming along soon….

You can follow Brandee on her InstaGram page here.
Of course you can subscribe to Brandee’s YouTube Channel.
And Brandee has just launched her Etsy store which you can see here.

And you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel.
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7 thoughts on “8 Questions with……..Cosplayer/fashionista Brandee of Rainbow Goth YouTube Channel

  1. I’d completely forgotten about the Care Bears too, lol. I LOVE those rainbow shoes…but I doubt I could walk in them very far. She’s amazingly creative. She definitely could become a world-famous, sought after fashion designer…. for cosplay people, creative clothing, and Lady Gaga would love her. Adorable bird. Interesting that the cat never tried to eat it!

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