Have Cheetah,Will View #495 – “American Scarecrow” (2017)

Its 10:49 pm

   The cheetah and I are always looking for a new horror subgenre,in 2019 we went into bad shark movies,last year we dived into clown movies for the first time. We had such a fun time with clowns,we decided to slide into a new subgenre and check out a scarecrow movie and lucky for us,Wild Eye Releasing was kind enough to send a copy of “American Scarecrow”and we did a video review on our YouTube channel.


Our first venture wasn’t too bad but as I point out in our review,we wanted to see a scarecrow,not some guy in a silly mask. 
But the cast is a lot of fun and you can how close and comfortable they were each other. In fact,they were TOO good and very likable on screen which is not a good idea for a horror film. If you care for the characters too much,when they get killed,its not a shocked or a “daaaaaamn”,the reaction is going to be more depressing then not. I also wish they had added maybe another 15-20 minutes and had crafted a better ending,the original ending to “American Scarecrow” is a little baffling. 
   While my response to the “Scarecrow”was a slightly negative one,its only mostly because I wanted to see a scarecrow in the film but that was just my biggest gripe,otherwise I did enjoy the film.
    To watch our review,just click on the video above and watch it. Then you can bounce back here and leave a comment.
You can find the details on how to get a copy on the video.


3 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #495 – “American Scarecrow” (2017)

  1. Great video review 🙂 Sorry that American Scarecrow turned out to be something of a bummer. Hope the next movie you get to review is a huge improvement because you and the Cheetah deserve the best 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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