The Midnight Hour and blog update

Its 10:02 pm
cold and snowy

  The cheetah and I are always looking to promote the blog and in July of 2020,we started our YouTube channel and started posting to our Instagram page. I dropped Twitter for the moment and put our energy towards IG and YT. While growing IG has been steady with the cheetah and I nearing 400 followers,we are finding growing the YT channel to be much tougher then expected.  But we are committed to the format and we’re trying to figure out how to balance posting reviews here and on the YT channel.
I am pleased to announce that we finally met our new deep cover asset at Warner Brothers Archive. In case you are new to the blog,the cheetah and I were blessed to be able to review several titles from WBA with the help of our contact and friend,Matt.  Sadly,Matt was laid off at Warner Brothers in December and us reviewers had to wait to meet the new person.

Because this happened in the middle of the holiday season,we waited until things settled down before meeting “MR”. We connected and soon we’ll be back reviewing some excellent releases from the Archive. I can tell you the first film we are reviewing will be the classic musical “Show Boat” from 1951 with Kathryn Grayson and Howard Keel. Needless to say,we are so excited to watch this and be able to share our thoughts with you all.
   The most exciting thing to happen in terms of the blog is that we are now co-hosting a livestream/podcast show called “The Midnight Hour”. Now we have done a few shows to work out the bugs and I’ll be posting our shows here as well. We have done 5 shows so far and have had a blast on every show. The livestream starts at 10:00 pm EST and runs for 2-3 hours. If the stream is hot and active,it may run a bit longer. We have some great co-hosts,Josh from Hobbs Horror,Vince and Becky aka The Spices and Derek aka Olskool Shinobi,each of them bring new and fresh perspectives to various pop culture and films.
I am going to share our lastest episode here and I hope some of you will come by and say hello. We love to have you and I think you’ll really enjoy the show. We are getting to start having some special guests popping in soon.  I’m sharing our latest episode here so you can get an idea of what the show looks and sounds like.

I may have some new exciting news to share in a future update and its something I have been wanting to do for a long time.
If it works out,I will be posting the news here ASAP. 

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