“The Lady Of Heaven”(2021) trailer reaction

Its 1:04 am
coffee time

  So I have been working pretty hard at launching my YouTube channel and its not a easy task. Especially when you are under 1k subs…then even every subscription becomes a dogfight to get and to keep. I don’t understand how YouTube works to be honest,I post videos of film hauls and reviews and barely get 30 views,I post a video of the cheetah basically saying “hell no” when I asked him if he wants to watch a Kevin Smith documentary and I almost get 800 views on it.
   I started a new series of videos called the “Red Bin Challenge” which I will share in another blog post in which I ask the viewer to vote on a small bin of films I have watched. People watch the video and hopefully will leave a comment (like we all hope people do here on our blogs) on which film we’ll review.
But I got a request I wasn’t expecting,I got asked to do a “trailer reaction” video. I did a reaction entry here on the blog for “Pacific Rim: Uprising” but haven’t done any since and had yet to do a reaction video on our channel….until last 4 days ago.
I was asked to do a reaction video for the film “The Lady Of Heaven” which is a historical epic about the life of Fatimah,the daughter of Mohammad who founded the Islamic religion. I know what you’re thinking and yes,I was not only surprised that I,a white American male,was asked to do a reaction video about one of the most important people in Islam but that I also said I would. After all,what I know about Fatimah would fill a thimble but I do love a good history themed film and as any reader knows,I do write about foreign films here as well.


 So not only is this my first film reaction video,its also my first video showing my mug. While I show my face during The Midnight Hour podcast,I had yet to do a video showing my face. I admit,I am not confident doing this but when I saw my fellow YouTuber Vaseem overcome his fear and drop a video showing himself,I said “What the hell” and did the same. Yeah I know I look like 20 years of pandemic lockdown but then again,so do a lot of us,right??

So what do you think of “The Lady Of Heaven”? I wonder if it will be shown in the United States much less get a home release here. I hope it does…..I really would like to take a look at it.  Drop a comment below and share your thoughts.

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5 thoughts on ““The Lady Of Heaven”(2021) trailer reaction

  1. I was just saying to myself, “It’s the first time I’ve seen Michael in person!” but I didn’t know it was YOUR first time. I thought maybe you’d already done it on other YouTube videos that I’d missed. Nice mug, Michael! And I like your glasses too.
    As for the movie….it does sound interesting and we can only hope it gets traction. I wasn’t aware of Fatimah at all. But what kind of life could she have had besides very difficult and very fascinating?

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    1. I do our live podcast/livestream on Sunday nights but hadn’t done a regular video as of yet. I enjoyed doing the reaction video even though I had a couple of commenters who wanted to soapbox ….which I gently said “not here”. And in keeping with my blog,I didn’t do a massive blockbuster trailer….

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  2. Yeah, I keep missing the Sunday night thing. It’s usually “movie” night and hard to “get away” for other stuff. But I WILL catch a couple of them one day….


  3. From John Stephenson Obe:
    “It is a wonderful epic story full of Shakespearean intrigue, ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ meets ‘Game of Thrones’, an innovative way of seeing the origins of Islam and the Holy Figures from the point of view of our young modern-day hero Laith. We will be drawn into a world that sees the history of the religion’s birth as a wonderful action-packed story full of color. Juxtaposed against the stark colorless reality of the present-day war- torn Middle East it will be an innovative cinematic experience full of revelations, magic and incredible performances all set in and against the beautiful and dramatic landscape of eastern Georgia.”


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