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Welcome to 8 Questions with……..

In launching our YouTube channel,the cheetah and I have met a wide array of horror fans. I have learned so much about all types of horror that it can overwhelming at times. So when sitting in a livestream and watching someone with the handle of “Interweb Kaiju” enter,it felt like a breath of fresh air. When I saw that I thought “hell yeah,a fellow Godzilla fan?? I got to meet this person”. This was my introduction to Casey McKittrick and his extremely fun and informative YouTube channel “interweb kaiju”. 
  During the past few months Casey and I have become friends and I have enjoyed watching his film reviews and insight on his channel and interacting during the various livestreams we watch. Casey is very thoughtful and generous with him time when it comes to all things YouTube. Sometimes when I am having a bad night,I have sent him a film question and he has taken the time to chat for a while.  Its small gestures like that makes it easy to call Casey a good friend. It didn’t surprise me when Casey mentioned another friend of ours,Marc Of Horror,as one of his favorite YouTubers,Marc and Casey have a lot in common….both very kind hearted people who care about others.
Casey recently sent me a very cool box of films and my first little Godzilla figure. In a Kevin Bacon-like twist,one of the films he sent us was “Dead Sea” which was written and directed by Brandon Slagle who is also a friend and who I also did a  interview recently. You gotta love how we meeet the verious people in our lives….I hope you enjoy meeting Casey and please take a peek (and sub) to his channel…..




Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself. 

Hello, my name is Casey and I run the Interwebkaiju YouTube channel where I mainly review kaiju, tokusatsu, and horror movies. If any of you have connected with me on Facebook or Instagram you may have noticed I also really enjoy hiking. In fact, most of those outlets for at least the last few years have been mainly pictures from adventures.

 How have you been dealing with the pandemic? How have you been keeping yourself busy creatively?

   Mentally, the pandemic has certainly hurt us all with having less and less in person interactions and conversations but thankfully YouTube has been a great outlet to chat with people especially on livestream chats and through comment sections. Work wise, it has hurt me quite a bit. I do subcontract IT work and have contracts through a variety of companies but with so many businesses going to remote work there’s less in warranty machines that need to be worked on.
  With less work, I have been spending a lot more time on YouTube both watching and making videos. I think putting out videos for me is more the social aspect. I always love hearing everyone else’s thoughts on the movies I’ve seen, again aiding to that loss of in person interactions due to the pandemic. On the other hand, making the videos is very therapeutic for me. I find it extremely relaxing to just have an idea of what you want to make, see it coming together, and finally putting it out there for others to see.

 When did you discover the world of Godzilla? What was the first kaiju film you watched?

   Due to concussions, a long time period with lack of sleep, and many sadly abused substances, I have a very terrible memory. In fact, I don’t have any memories of when I wasn’t a Godzilla fan. I do know where I first saw Godzilla though. My dad had taped a TNT Monstervision marathon which featured Godzilla King of the Monsters (the ‘56 version, I hate how we have to specify the year now), Godzilla vs the Thing, Godzilla vs Monster Zero, and Godzilla’s Revenge (Mothra vs Godzilla, Invasion of the Astro Monster, and All Monsters Attack for anyone unfamiliar to the original dub titles). So those together were the first ones I saw. I actually still have the vhs tape as my dad was getting rid of all his tapes and I wanted it because TNT put together a really awesome montage for the marathon set to Blue Öyster Cult’s “Godzilla” song.

  When did you start your YouTube channel? Did you always plan it for the channel to be kaiju centric or did it evolve
that way? 

  I had other YouTube channel in the past but they were all focused on me and my friend goofing off and having fun (I put up a video in January collected a bunch of my crappy skateboarding clips). YouTube was a different thing back then. You could put up anything and people would actually see it because, well, it had a very small userbase. People didn’t edit things or make graphics, the majority of the video were dances and lip syncing (yes I did have videos for both).
  As far as this channel, I had stopped making YouTube videos for quite a while but still loved the platform and watched quite a bit (less than now but still more so than traditional tv). What really prompted me to make the channel was that I had bought five or six dvd’s which were all over $30 due to them just having ‘kaiju’ in them since they were all out of print and were not available to purchase or watch digitally. With other media, be it video games or recent movies, I would seek out video reviews on YouTube which would show footage from them so you would both see what you would be getting as well as a person’s opinion on them. Sadly, those movies didn’t have any such video reviews on them so I decided after watching them to create those video I wanted to see. Since then the channel has spread out to a variety of content but every now and then I’ll still stumble across a movie I have interest in that is still lacking a video reviews or the ability to watch without purchasing an out of print or bootleg disc (due to not having an actual release).

 Where do you get the ideas for your content? With physical media fading,do you feel older movies will fade away as well?

  I mainly just make a video on whatever kaiju movies I watch. This has lessened my intake on the genre as at one point I was trying to make three proper video reviews at the same time and it was very overwhelming. Likewise, if I get a new figure I’ll usually make a video on that (especially since I have so few figures) and the audience is pretty good at giving me requests on movies they would like to see. Recently, I’ve been putting up the community polls and while I enjoy getting an idea of what a bigger pool of people would like to see it doesn’t always carry over to the actually views and interaction on what won. I wish YouTube would let you set it so certain polls are only shown to your subscribers because if it pops up on someone who has no interest in the channel’s feed they’ll still probably select an answer but not even know when the video comes out.
  I don’t think physical media is going to fade away. Even in other mediums physical media has persisted. Mp3 and mp4 players were a huge thing around 2005 all the way up until the smart phones basically monopolized consumer handheld devices but cd’s are still being pressed and sold (obviously less but nevertheless are persisting) and vinyl I think is still going strong. Similar to the vinyl collectors, you have many people who collect physical movies especially from the boutique labels. More so than that, physical media is still the best way since you don’t have to rely on contracts holding up or renewing. As I mentioned before I have many out of print dvds that were licensed over and then lost the distribution rights. Those movies normally aren’t popping up on streaming services anyways so physical media is the only way to obtain them.
   As far as older movies I think the digital media age is actually helping. So many movies that were released on vhs but never on dvd of blu-ray and even some that were never released physically but someone had taped a tv airing of are popping up on video hosting sites such as YouTube and Archive.org. There’s obviously some gray area there as far as copyrights go but if there’s no official options period to see a movie, I’m glad people are giving others access to them.


 How many films do you have in your collection? Is there one movie that is your “Holy Grail” as a collector?

  I honestly have no idea how many movies I have. From 2010 to 2020 I moved states four times which usually came with holding a yardsale and of course the possibility of losing some in a move. Currently, I only have a few media holders full of movies but also still have four banana boxes full of dvds just due to not having shelving or space for them. I might take your idea to utilize closet space for them.
   This is super not in line with my channel, but my holy grail is the Disney Channel original movie Brink! on vhs. Never released on dvd or blu-ray, the vhs of the teen inline skating movie is hard to find. I always unsuccessfully look at thrift stores and when it pops up on eBay it’s way too much. I was hoping since it was released digitally to Disney+ the physical copies would lower in price as movies tend to do but alas they did not. Also, of course also John Belushi in a Godzilla costume hosting a broadcast of Godzilla vs Megalon in 1977. There’s some footage on an SNL skit he did in it but as far as I know no footage of him hosting the movie in it has surfaced. If I ever see a vhs recording of that anywhere I’ll surely swipe that up as far as the price won’t ruin me.

Who are your five favorite monsters all time and what makes them special?

  This is a hard question and you know it! My favorite unsurprisingly is Godzilla. People get attached to fictional characters after spending so much time with them and I’ve spent a lot of time watching Godzilla throughout the year. It surely also doesn’t hurt that he has more merch than probably all the other monsters combined.
  Kanegon from Ultra Q, and later on several Ultraman series, would probably be my second favorite. Design wise he is pretty unique but I absolutely love his story. He is a boy that kept stealing money so he’s turned into a monster with a coin purse for a head. This is why I’m drawn towards kaiju movies and a majority of horror movies, they’re just so creative!
   Third, I’m going to have to say Dogora from the movie of the same name. Idea wise he isn’t nearly as creative but on film he looks very cool. He’s also brought to live both with puppetry and with rotoscoping. Plus, just very unique when put up against other kaiju.
    You didn’t specify the need for the monsters to be giant so I’m going to sneak in the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Sure his name is Gillman and that’s basically all he is but I do still love the suit and honestly all three of his movies hold up in my opinion a lot better than other classic Universal monster movies. I’m quite surprised and sad that the only other movie outing we’ve seen him in was Monster Squad (though that movie is a blast).
    I know technically he is a form of Shin Godzilla but I want to include Kamata Kun because he feels so different than traditional Godzilla. I love him so much; his goofy eyes, his bleeding gills, the way he wobbles down the road.

. What are your five favorite YouTube channels? 

    Hosico Cat is where it’s at, Patrick. He’s just an adorable cat but the editing and music his owners put in the videos really bring the videos together. I’m not sure if you were expecting kaiju or horror channels for this question and I do watch more of those type of channels but I’m going to tell you the channels I enjoy the most.
  Team Four Star. I’m a big, big Dragon Ball fan and their Dragon Ball Z Abridged series is one of the best. Honestly, I’d put watching their comedy centric edits over the series proper but still under rereading the manga in terms of enjoyability. I’m not really a fan of any of their other projects but going back to that series is still a blast and they were putting out new episodes from 2008 all the way until 2019 (if you count the Kai abridged which I do) so I watched for quite a while.
   Civvie 11. I didn’t mention it earlier but I’m a big fan of first person shooter games. Grew up loving the Doom and Quake games and sometime in the 2010’s many YouTube channels started popping up that were primarily reviewing games that felt a lot like those games as oppose to the newer FPS games. I think originally I started following Gmanlives (I think there used to be more g’s) and DWTerminator but I think out of the three Civvie 11 is my favorite. I don’t play a lot of games now but I still like to watch their videos and figure out if I missed a game that would I probably enjoy as well as to keep an eye out of newer games that I would like. Video game reviewers are a lot like movie review channels, everyone has an opinion but once you find a reviewer that shares many of the same views as you do their videos are a great source as whether or not you’d probably enjoy a product.
   The Lonely Island. I used to be all about song parody channel. I still follow a bunch of music channels (Davie504, Kmac2021) but for while I spent a lot of time watching humorous songs both on tv (Tenacious D, Flight of the Conchords) and on YouTube (Key of Awesome, Garfunkel & Oates, Jon Lajoie). Though many of their big hits were shown on Saturday Night Live, the Lonely Island channel has so much great stuff. Even the nonmusical stuff like The ‘Bu which they brought over from Channel 101 (an online channel where viewers vote on which episodes get a follow up episode next week). This also was my gateway into the movies Hot Rod and Popstar which I love as well.
    I am going to put a channel from the horror community on here. Though I never consider myself a horrortuber even though I put out horror reviews every now and then I do consider my part of the horror community. I watch a lot of horror channels due to them being such a great source of me trying to decide what to watch next and interact with many of those content creators. I have to go with MarcofHorror. There’s something so pure about his videos. Plus, he always gives you his honest opinion yet still seems so happy to do say. He’ll say that a movie sucks with a smile that’s still genuine. He’s wasn’t my first horror centric channel I watched. I actually stumbled across him while trying to plan a trip to Gatlinburg and at that time I was already following the 3 From the Grave people at the very least including Ben from Cadaver Club. Ben and Marc as well as David from David’s Horror, Phil from Phil’s Creepy Vids, John from Project Ellsworth, and Cody from H&S Collectibles have that Coast to Coast Horror Stream every Saturday, usually on Cody’s channel, which is probably my best source for learning about horror movies I’ve missed out on and is also just a ton of fun to hang out in the chat on. But yes, even though I already followed Ben, Marc is what brought me to the Coast to Coast stream where I met so many awesome people and the content on his channel is just fun. He always seems like he’s having a great time and it really is contagious.
    Quick note for some kaiju channels: MONSTROSITIES: Tokusatsu Vlog is probably my favorite current channel. Matt on there is very level headed and the videos and livestreams tend me be a lot more mature than most kaiju themed ones on YouTube. Most are kids being silly and having fun which is fine- I just don’t find that as enjoyable. That channel also has I think the only review of Nezura 1964 (2020) on the platform. Cosmavoid isn’t really active but his videos both on kaiju and otherwise (there’s great videos on Alien and Jaws among others) are really polished and well thought out.

  What are your future plans for your channel?

There’s a lot of kaiju content coming out with Pacific Rim: The Black, Godzilla vs Kong, Godzilla: Singular Point, War of the God Monsters (aka The Flying Monster, presumed lost until recently), Monster Seafood Wars, and whatever Godzilla vs Kong knockoffs are produced (there’s two that I’m aware of being produced right now). So whenever those come out I’ll review them. Sharks of the Corn just shipped but I’m sure if I’m going to do a full on video or just include it in one of my quick review roundups. I’ve kind of been thinking about maybe trying a livestream or a watch along, but am sort of unsure about all that still. What I kind of want to do is a short form interview series like Strange Monkey Reviews has on his channel but ask more kaiju questions. Again, still unsure about it though.


 If you were writing the next Godzilla movie,where would you take the story?

I would 100% not want to do a mainline Godzilla movie. It’s sort of like Star Wars, no matter what you create people are going to HATE you. Plus, I want those fine polished by writers and filmakers who are veterans of the genre. What I would be interesting in/would like to see are more side stories. Toho’s side projects mainly manifest in children’s shows like Godziban and Godzilland but I think it’d be cool for a horror type movie. There’s some horror in the series but I think I talked on this a little on David’s Horror’s Horror Hangout Stream recently, if those humanoid creatures came out of Shin Godzilla’s tail. That would make a cool movie as long as it markets itself as a side story and not a proper Godzilla movie. If it feels like a Godzilla movie, I don’t think it’ll work. Just make it scary, suspenseful. Also.. for some reason I think a short film Godzilla musical would be cool. As far as the mainline Godzilla movies go- I’m ready for another reboot or soft reboot as they tend to do with the series erasing everything except the first film. This may confuse everyone other than Godzilla and comic book fans but timeline resets are pretty refreshing at times as long as you’re not super connected with one and only one timeline already.

What do you like to do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies or activities you like to do?

   I really like to hike. Not recently due to the cold but in general. Nature is very relaxing and going out seeing new, beautiful things is one of my favorite things to do. Sadly, that’s really the only hobby I’ve kept up with throughout the years other than making videos. I used to skateboard and make music (not well for either but I had plenty of fun regardless) but those haven’t been present in my life first hand in a long time. In fact, I don’t have any skateboards or instruments. I mentioned earlier about video games, I do still play some but often struggle to really get into a good game. Last year or the year before it DUSK came out and that was very fun. Also, played a lot of Tony Hawk 1+2 remake last year.

The cheetah and I are flying out to check out a huge film convention in your town but we’re a day early and now you 
have to play tour guide,what are we doing? 

    Huge film convention in my town? I wish! We did have a decent comic convention a couple years ago. It was one of the one’s with only a few guests but if the guests are good you can’t complain. There’s a big light up star on top of one of the hills around here and its pretty cool to walk up there and overlook the city. There is an absolutely phenomenal burger place called Jack Brown’s. I’m not big on restaurant burgers but these are SO GOOD. I don’t what it’s called but my favorite is this weird combination with mac n cheese and potato chips on the burger that somehow works amazingly. (Not here, but if anyone is in Bradenton, FL you should check out Fully Stuffed Burgers). There’s not much in terms of shopping sadly but there are plenty of thrift stores nearby (Goodwills, Salvation Army, DAV, antique malls) so we could rummage through their stock and see if we can find Brink! on VHS. Exploring wise is weird because as far as museums and arcades and stuff go I’m not sure what’s been being kept up with in these pandemic times.

I like to thank Casey for taking the time to do this interview with us. I hope you enjoyed reading it as well and I thank you for all of your support. Feel free to drop a comment or question.
  You can find Casey three different ways on social media:

You can subscribe to Casey’s YouTube Channel.
You can send Casey a friend request on Facebook
Casey has a IG page but is currently taking a break from it. When he returns,I’ll add it.

If you are new to the blog and the “8 Questions with…..”series,you can catch up by going here.
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