Have Cheetah,Will View #503 – “Destroy All Sisters”(2018)

It’s 12:01 pm
cold and sunny

The winter’s deep freeze has affected the writing staff at “Have Cheetah,Will View”,not only is it still cold here but we have
been watching films at a snail’s pace. Paladin has been under his blanket most nights while I have been sluggish here while trying to jumpstart the YouTube Channel and the Sunday podcast. In fact the cheetah pointed out that we haven’t even reviewed a short film this year!! Well it is a good thing that I just met director-writer Jim Heffernan this week because he had just what the cheetah and I needed……a fun short film called “Destroy All Sisters”.

“Destroy All Sisters” is about a pair of sisters whose playful pranks are seen through the eyes of their cousin. Jamie (Juli Couture) and her sister Angela (Amanda Lea Allan) have been waging a sisterly war of pranks for while now. What started as pure fun at one point is starting to escalate slightly towards being uncomfortable and cousin Kimmy (Kristin Power) is caught in the middle.
Kimmy decides to help Angela and Jamie reconnect as loving sisters and also get a little sweet payback for their antics as well. After all,isn’t that what cousins are for??
I loved “Destroy All Sisters” and if that title reminds you of the famous Godzilla “Destroy All Monsters” movie,you would be correct as Kimmy describes the prank war as a Godzilla type of take no prisoners movie. I thought this was a nice touch by Heffernan and quickly establishes how much fun his short film is going to be.

Not only is the cast warm and sassy but Couture and Allan are extra game in the variety of physical pranks they are pulling on each other and doing it with gusto and charm. That is the secret of a good harmless prank…showing it as something fun and something you wouldn’t mind happening to you. Its a think line between comedy and cruelty and Kimmy is a little concerned that maybe Jamie and Angela going to far and has to rein them in before they go past the breaking point.
Everything about “Destroy All Sisters” works…..I enjoyed Trevor Wylie’s score and thought DP David Vishniac did a fine job as well,the film is very shot and captures each prank wonderfully.
This was Heffernan’s first directing effort and backed by his trio of actresses,is having a lot of fun and it shows on the screen.

“Destroy All Sisters” has a run time of 13 minutes and as you can see,is rated PG. I’ll be interviewing Jim Heffernan shortly in my “8 Questions with…..”interview series as he is prepares to debut his feature length film “The Angry World of Brian Webster”.

Leave a comment and tell us what you think of “Destroy All Sisters”. 




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