Have Cheetah,Will View #505 – “A Single Mind” (2011)

Its 1:07 am

So I went on a Facebook group called “The Frugal Filmmaker” and sent out a cold call asking if any directors would like to do a interview for the “8 Questions with series……” and I got a nice response of various directors who are just starting out,in the middle of a project or just had completed one.
This is how I met UK director Christian Dines,he and I started talking and he sent sent me some of his past work to look at after I mentioned I enjoy reviewing short films. One film,”A Single Mind”,caught my eye and I watched it……

“A Single Mind” tells the story of a young woman who is meeting someone for a first date. In her head,she feels she has met her soulmate and as she is walking towards her date,her heart expresses what she is feeling.When the couple meets face to face…the story ends right there…….


I absolutely loved this pure perfection of a film. At a mere two minutes,writer-director Christian Dines has created such a lovely full bodied story and the actors he cast were on point in showing their story just through facial expressions as only two words of dialogue is spoken while a voice over is sharing the thoughts of not just one one person,but both..
   Mircrofilms are truly the hardest form of filmmaking there is…two minutes to show a intro,a middle and a end….this is a not just a scene filmed at a whilm,Dines is telling a deep rich love story in two minutes….
Hats off to the cast as well,Eva Viola Maria Lundqvist,Lo Parsons and the voice of both women,Claire Meade….all were great and while the story was told,one wonders what adventures these two lovers will have and will they stay as a single mind. 

Just a wonderful film……drop a comment down below and tell us what you think. 






4 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #505 – “A Single Mind” (2011)

  1. Sounds good films 5 mins and under are indeed some of the hardest to create the focus involved to get a story told in a minimal amount of time creates pressure only a few can handle.


  2. Yeah, definitely volumes spoken without saying anything out loud. Longing, anxiety, hope…. and beautiful music, too.


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