Have Cheetah,Will View #506 – “Ouija Mummy”(2019)

Its 2:20 am

Ever since the cheetah and I had heard about “Ouija Mummy”,we have wanted to see it. The trailer looked pretty fun and ever since we helped elevate “Ouija Shark” to cult like status,we have been looking for looking for more “Ouija” titled films.
So when we suddenly got a copy “Ouija Mummy” in the mail,it seemed like divine fate that Paladin and I watch this movie which was released by the same company who brought us “Ouija Shark”,Wild Eye Releasing.
Last night was the night we picked to watch “Ouija Mummy” and with a blustery rainstorm outside blowing about,the cheetah and I settled in to be scared silly!!!
Wild Eye
The movie opens up with a shot of a pyramid in Egypt and a voice of Dr. Cassamdra Alexander,an Egyptologist who has stolen a artifact. She explains the history of the artifact,a neckalace that a powerful queen once owned.
Dr. Alexander starts hearing voices and seeing visions,she seems to know bad is coming and after putting the necklace in a cardboard box,she ends her life.

Next we see a young married couple move into the house. Chase and Natalie move the last of their things into home and while Chase is putting some items in the laundry room,he finds the cardboard and the necklace. As soon as he touches it,he too starts to hear a woman’s name calling his name. He stuffs the necklace into his pocket and heads back out to Natalie.

The couple decides to toss a house warming party and Natalie encourages Chase to reach out to his brother Paul. The brothers lost their parents to a drunk driver and when Paul started drinking to cope with it,a wedge developed between the two.
Chase calls Paul and is surprised that Paul has been sober 274 days ,he invites Paul to the party but because alcohol is going to be present,Paul asks to bring his sponsor.
Chase runs out to get stuff for the party while cleans the house and later breaks out a ouija board. Chase comes home and gives Natalie the necklace as a gift but also brings home a huge bottle of rum. Natalie questions the wisdom of that while Chase gets upset that Natalie has brought the ouija board,it creeps him out.
Soon the guests arrive,Becca and her boyfriend Blake as well as Paul and his sponsor friend Kyle.
Becca admires the necklace while asking Blake why he hasn’t bought her a nice home and gifts like Chase and Natalie.
Soon the small group heads to the kitchen to play the ouija board….

Phew!!! Where do I even start with this review? Well I wil start and end with the one bright spot in “Ouija Mummy” and that was Briana Wyman as Natalie. Wyman gives the best performance here but that isn’t saying much considering how bad the acting was. But she has potential and the camera loves her face.

But the rest of “Ouija Mummy” is a trash can fire and that belongs to director Sebastien Godin who has zero idea what pacing is. This movie clocks in at 61 minutes,the credits start to roll at 55 minutes and the Mummy doesn’t make an appearance until the 44th minute. While I get the budget is very tiny,you don’t need a large budget to create suspense,a good script can create that tension and a director can ratchet it up as well. But to have your cast just monologue for 45 minutes without a single scare just kills this film and not even some slapstick comedy can save this movie.
The one other highlight I have to share is a cameo by Ouija Shark director Brett Kelly who plays “Uncle Dave” and has a phone call with Chase. I was so hoping he was going to link Ouija Shark with Ouija Mummy,that would have been a fun connection.
So while we can’t recommend “Ouija Mummy”,we do think Briana Wyman is a name to keep an eye on in future films.

“Ouija Mummy” is 61 minutes long and is unrated. Special features include a director’s commentary.

You can buy a copy of “Ouija Mummy” at the Wild Eye Releasing website.

6 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #506 – “Ouija Mummy”(2019)

  1. Great review 🙂 Does this look like another title that you would expect Mystery Science Theater 3000 to riff on? 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂


  2. Oh, I learned my lesson the hard way when I stole an ancient artifact once. Never again!
    Eeeek. I think I’ll miss this one, but sounds like there’s some talent there…..

    Liked by 1 person

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