The Library is back!!!

Its 9:49 pm

It’s been a minute since I tossed some personal thoughts down on here and as we roll into April,I thought it would be time to do so.
  The big news for me this week was the return of my library’s used bookstore. It has been over a year since the store was open and it has been open for about two weeks before I found out. I made two runs to the library but store hours they used to have aren’t the same because not all the volunteers have returned,so the store was closed the first time I dropped by. The second time I ventured to the store,the volunteer had to leave early….hey,life happens. 
   But Friday I went back up and hit paydirt,the store was OPEN!!! It was pretty amazing to actually step inside after so long. It looked like it hadn’t changed at all…the shelves were plenty stocked,people had kept donating throughout the closure and there were plenty of new books and films to look at.
   I kept myself on a strict budget and only picked 11 items up. A horror collector must have donated some films because there was a lot of horror movies and I surprised myself with what I picked up. I made a video for our YouTube channel of what I picked up. 

No,your eyes are not misleading you,that indeed is a copy of Rob Zombie’s “Halloween”. Yep,I have railed against Zombie’s films for years but when I decided to take a shot of watching some of his other works,I picked up “The Lords Of Salem” from Family Video as they closed. I was so excited to tell my buddy Dan that I picked up a Zombie film,I thought he would be impressed.
Of course when I pinged him and told him which film I bought,he goes “I hated that movie” which made us both laugh our asses off. So when I saw both Halloween and Halloween II sitting in front me,I decided to go for it and picked both of them up. Now will I watch them? Not right away,I think I am going to put them in my new series I am doing on my YouTube channel called “The Red Bin Challenge“. I have 12 red bins in my closet that can hold 28 DVDs/BluRay that I haven’t watched or haven’t seen in years. I show a bin and let my viewers vote on which film we should watch from that bin. I am really loving the series and trying to guess what viewers will pick has really surprised me. So far I have been wrong in every Challenge I have posted. Here is the very first Red Bin Challenge that I have run on my channel.

You may hve noticed the little ladybug at the upper corner,this was a painted rock that I found a couple of years ago when I was on an out and about trip. Now you may have asked what brought this about and I will share this with you.
Since I have started my YouTube channel,the cheetah and I have entered several contests various channels have done to celebrate their reaching various subscriber goals. Many channels offer prizes and you enter by shooting a video entry,linking up their channels and then the person picks a name and you win some goodies.
The cheetah and I have been winning a few of these contests and have won some figures. We also have been sent a couple of boxes by some great friends and that is where we have gotten some of our figures.


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Word Press has changed its layouts and made it much harder to actually write here. I apologize if the the text appears different then before and I will attempt to edit any errors I see. The asses that run this site have chosen to ignore the requests of thousands to leave the classic edit feature in place for us older bloggers as the new editing suite is needlessly complicated and confusing. 

8 thoughts on “The Library is back!!!

  1. Yaaaay! Exciting news. Light at the end of the tunnel. Moving back toward something at least resembling normalcy. And congrats on winning some goodies. I like the display!

    Liked by 1 person

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