Have Cheetah,Will View #508 – “Blackenstein” (1973)

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   So I am sure my small core of regular readers have noticed I have slowed down my reviews here. I have been spending a lot of effort in launching both our YouTube channel but also our livestream “The Midnight Hour” on YouTube as well.
But my blog is still main focus and I still enjoy writing here very much,in fact I think I need to start writing more as it always helps me to relax.
I started a series on my channel called “The Red Challenge” in which I showcase a bin of unwatched films that I stored in my closet. Now each bin holds 26-28 films so there is a wide variety to pick from and after I showed what films the bin holds,viewers get to vote on what film the cheetah and I watch and review.
The first film picked was “Blackenstein” a blaxploitation horror film from 1973. My film hunting brother Catfish hooked us up with this and when I showed it in my first video,it was the easily voted for as our first Red Bin winner.

Looking back on my review,I just want to state again that while “Blackenstein” is a pretty bad movie even it was released,it was a box office hit and the premise was very promising,this is the type of film that deserves a remake because if it was done today,I think it would be quite the hit.
I can’t recommend “Blackenstein” as an entertainment but as I pointed in my “pros” comment,one of the coolest things was the original lab that was used in the Universal monster film “Frankenstein” back in 1931. The filmmakers had their hearts in the right place but you need skills at some level to make a decent movie.
You can find a copy of Blackenstein on the secondary markets like Ebay and Amazon.

Have you watched “Blackenstein” and if so,what are your thoughts? Were we too harsh or was this this a awful movie? Leave a comment below,we love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #508 – “Blackenstein” (1973)

  1. Haha. I’d have to be pretty drunk to see this one, original lab notwithstanding!
    I hope the YouTube channel and live stream are going well…………!

    Liked by 1 person

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